Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just a minute God.

You see, last week at bible study, I told my girls about a neighbor I was concerned about. I had not seen her or her husband in about a week. It was odd. No real movement. We aren't close to these neighbors but we have trick or treated at each others house, we wave, we compliment their yard...which is ALWAYS perfect. The wife comes over when she needs something...but that is it. I have had them on my mind. I told my girls. I told them I needed to go over and check on them.

Never did.

This week Parker asked me to do something. I told him just a minute...he asked me again...and well, I continued on my computer. He asked again...I told him I would in just a minute. Finally, Stacey got up and did it. I felt horrible. I said I would...but I was taking my time.

THE NEXT DAY there was a knock at my was my neighbor. She looks tired. I told her I was concerned and that I had meant to come over. She asked me if I would like to buy her swing set because her husband had lost his job, his company car, and guess what....they were renting the house from his ex-boss, so they were evicted. How is that for a Merry Christmas! I offered to help pack, wait her kids, anything.... God couldn't wait on me any more...he just sent her right on over to talk to me. I felt inches tall. Maybe centimeters.

As 2008 closes in about an hour and a half, I hope that I don't have any more 'wait a minute God' moments. I hope that I jump right on over. Grab bubble wrap and get to work.

On another note, I just have to share. We went to the zoo today, yes it was cold! I should NOT have gone, but a friend asked and off we went. We get down the road a mile....when I realized I didn't have a bottle. I had formula, no bottle. So I whipped around and came back to get one. I called friend to tell her I would be late. She informs me of a wreck on 35 and how to bypass. I kind of listened and kind of bypassed, all was well. UNTIL we hit wreck number 2, about this time, Bowden decided that he didn't really want to be quiet in the car and began screaming....and screaming.... He screamed the entire hour and A HALF it took us to get to the zoo! YEP! I only live...maybe 20 minutes from the zoo. Nice. Emaline started screaming because her bottom was hurting from sitting in the car seat. NICE. 2 kids screaming. Traffic. Late to zoo. perfect. Sitting in FOOTBALL BOWL traffic.... I see Parker cover his eyes bend his head down and begin praying. I heard the first 2 to three sentences, but the rest was covered with the screaming. When things lightening up in the car...I asked Parker what he prayed for, and he said for the traffic to go away! How sweet was that! A very proud mommy I was. At the zoo, Parker was attacked by a squirrel...maybe the same one that taunted Wade! We were there maybe 5 minutes when Parker stood on a fence right in front of the zebras and a squirrel jumped right on his head! I thought it was his chest...but he said head...and it makes a better story. He handled it great, just laughed it off. Good boy. I waited in line for pizza for 20 minutes and did not get any. Sorry kids....It was crazy. Then Emaline fell and busted her mouth wide open. Nice. Did I mention it was cold! COLD! It was a fun trip, visiting with friends, but after the zoo, to sit in traffic AGAIN due to bowl game over and a wreck...I think I should have stayed home! Did I mention B screamed again....for about 45 minutes to meet Stacey! Tonight Honey and Buddy watched grandkids...and we went to BOBO china for dinner. Now just chilling...I am ready to snuggle with husband and pray in 2009! Happy New Year!


margk said...

BOBO..that place is unique..I have wondered if it was a Grapevine icon or something. I have heard of movie stars eating there. The lazy susans are cool, too.

I love your story about your neighbor. It is so very true. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the things we have to do. I am very task driven and I miss the big picture a lot. Thanks for sharing. You are a sweet friend.

margk said...

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Molly Woodall said...

WOW....did you ever open my eyes! Thank you so much for reminding me about those "wait a minute" times! There's been so many times that I've regretted saying those words...but no more!
God bless you and Stacey and the way you are raising those babies! What a precious angel to pray for the traffic! How much better off would we be if we all did that...just stop in the MOMENT and pray!

Beth said...

Happy New Year! I love reading your sweet moments that you all have. I peeked at you photography bolg also. Nice pictures.