Sunday, December 28, 2008

So now I know

that I am blind. I finally went to have my eyes checked at EyeWorks, a great place in Southlake (tell them I sent you) where you can just walk right in and have your eyes checked by a great doctor and found out that I shouldn't be driving! Yep. CRAZY! I knew it was kind of bad...I can't read street signs unless I am on top of them. Stacey would get frustrated when he would ask me what the next street would be...and um....just wait a minute and I will tell you in a bit....didn't work. He would play a game with me and ask me what billboards would say...or signs...and I wouldn't know until we drove right up to it, UNLESS I squinted real hard. SO...I finally went and got my eyes checked. The nice doctor informed me that I would need to wear my glasses all the time...especially when driving. So, I will be starting the new year off with a new look. It even makes me think I should do something different to my hair...hmmmm...wonder what? Anyway, they dilated my eyes and took those photos...and he showed them to me. I asked what that dark faded circle was...he said I have a mole on the back of my eye! NO KIDDING! I thought that was cool. He said that 35% have them....and of those 6% can turn cancerous, so I would need to wear sunglasses. YIKES! I don't really like to wear sunglasses, but since the CANCER word has been used, I am going to try my best to wear them...and I am going to need to order some prescription ones since I now have to wear glasses. Nice. They are going to compare the photos of my eyes each year to make sure there isn't any growth. Anyway, wanted to warn you that the next time you see me don't make jokes. Parker is already worried...he told me I will look funny. I think I am going to buy the most hideous looking frames and show him those first...then my new ones so he can compare...see Park, it could be worse! A nap is calling me....since 2 are down, 1 is wearing down, maybe he will give in and we both can nap. That would be nice!


Kelly said...

I've got the mole on the back of my eye as well. Totally freaked me out when I fitst found out, but all is well.

margk said...

I understand your pain..they told me last time that I needed glasses too, but I am still holding out. The handy $5 readers from Wallgreens work just fine (and I don't drive at night).

I love the pics below esp. of Emaline..too cute!

Your card was adorable...thanks for sending us one! We are at 31 and counting..

Miss G said...

You will look GREAT! Glasses can be really fun and you can always get contacts too, right? Kelly