Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Parker does to make me laugh...
1. When he gets in trouble, he now asks if Daddy is funny. This puzzles me. I think he tries to change the subject...
2. Last night at church, he had his spagetti ALL over his face, his face was stained orange.
3. Ever since Waxahachie, he now asks for a snack every 15 minutes. (He just held up the Mini Nilla wafer box and told me he was going to eat a snack)
4. Mama, who was the first man? I know all bout him.~ This makes me almost double over, because he ALWAYS says Moses. Then he makes eye contact with me and smiles...and says NOOOOOO, Mama you know the first man? I then tell him Adam and then he tells me again...I know all about him.
5. Parker just told me the Nilla Wafers are his favorite snack. That is too funny, because I thought the fruit snacks were his favorite, or the grapes, or the peanut butter, or the strawberries, or the chocolate cake.....
6. He is addicted to Baa Baa Black sheep from the preschool CD. He only wants to hear that song. I know...I will play it again. We aren't even studying black, we have been studying yellow! I don't know how he knows the song.
7. From the preschool cd Twinkle Twinkle Boom Boom. This song is hilarious, and I always laugh out loud when I see Parker perform it! Yes, it is a performance! The first part...Twinkle Twinkle little played very pretty~then it goes into the this guy yelling...ROLLING ROLLING DON'T BE LAZY, ROLLING ROLLING LET'S GO CRAZY, then it goes right back into the soft song again. During the yelling party, we DO go crazy. I even thought I threw my neck out.
8. Letting Parker help me with laundry. He loves to play clothes a mimute. I have to watch him closely because he just dumps STUFF into the washer. It really doesn't matter if it is in the right color family or even clothes. He is trying to help.
9. How he helps himself to the grapes. He can now open the fridge all by himself and pulls out the drawer with the grapes and helps himself. I sometimes don't even notice until I hear the bell going off letting me know the door has been open too long.
10. Shopping with Parker is always interesting. When our grocery cart gets too full I let him walk beside me. When he starts dragging behind, I will say, Parker are you there...and he follows with I'm right behind you mom. It makes me smile everytime.
11. After nap time today he heard the TV in the living room...and asked if I was watching Dancing! Nope dude, we watched it last night remember! We are trying to get him to chant for Emmitt.
12. During bath time last night he bit himself. I don't think he thought it would hurt. He all of a sudden started screaming and I couldn't figure out why...then he showed me his had really DEEP teeth marks. It must have really hurt. It made me laugh...I am a bad mom.
13. Bible Bird flies into chapel every Tuesday and Thursday, and must be there 20 seconds. It is Parker's highlight of preschool. He brings in the bible verse for us. (He is a puppet) Today during chapel, Parker kept looking at me and YELLING~ Mama, bible bird is coming today, he is coming today. Through every song...the video clip...the reading of God's word.... I just laughed, because the other teachers and kids kept looking at him like we were crazy, but they understood. This crazy bird has a spell on all of the kids!

Thanks Parker for the laughs the past few days. I must go bake a cake... just want one!

Does anyone else get excited when they get a jury notice!? I received my VERY FIRST one today and honestly, was a little giddy! I don't even want to be excused. YES!


Blessed Assurances said...

Parker cracks me up! I swear we need to get together so I can see him again, last time I saw him was at Nanny Betty's funeral! Crazy!

Glad you are teaching Parket to cheer for Emmit. I am too!

Blessed Assurances said...

Sorry just say my typo...Parket!

Kelly said...

That sounds like a fun CD, I may have to get it for myself. :) He sounds like a pretty fun kiddo.

jenny biz said...

Parker makes me laugh!! I can't wait to hear what kind of court case you get picked for!!

margk said...

Parker is so cute! What a fun age!!!

I was so excited to get a summons in Boston. I happened to be reading "Runaway Jury" at the time. We had to wait in a room for 5 hours and we got to watch Father of the Bride. Then they came in and dismissed us. I was so dissapointed! Chuck got called and got to sit on a trial. He wouldn't tell me anything until it was over!

Anonymous said...

Parker is too cute. They just take everything in at that age. Thanks for sharing your funnies with us. I have never been asked to be on a jury. I thnk it would be exciting!

Robinson Family said...

Once again, I almost had a twin T13....I had the first 7 done on this topic, and abandoned it for another...great minds think alike!

You had me rolling...thanks for the laughs.

On the jury notice, I too, got my first one this week and was totally bummed to have to exempt myself because I dont know how I could do it with nursing Norah every 3 hours. I have waited SO long to get a summons, and I had to say no...bummer! I hope they'll ask again soon.

amerriman said...

Parker makes me laugh too, he is very funny! So you are going for Emmitt?

Jodi said...

Paige!! I am so glad you found me! :) Your kiddos are just too precious, and sounds like they have the personalities to go with! I am glad to find YOUR blog now so we can keep up!
PS. We cheer for Emmitt here too!