Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years ago today I was teaching 3rd grade at Atherton Elementary in Arlington, Texas. We were beginning our day with DOL and crazy stuff like that, when Stacey called me on my cell phone to tell me what had happened. I stepped out of my classroom and went to a friends room, and fellow believer to tell her. A few minutes later one of her kids brought me a note that said, "a plane has also hit the pentagon. What is going on?"
What is going on was right!
Our school chose not to discuss it at all. There was 1 tv in the library closet that worked (we didn't have a TV in our classroom) , and at any time during a break there would be 5-6 teachers gathered around it. Stacey called when he could. I had one student whose parent came to get her. I remember crying behind a book during reading time. As soon as school was out, I went to Pearson Mechancial (it was closer than home) to watch tv with Stace and get caught up on everything. Remember...our school didn't discuss it. I only knew what I had seen in the library closet or gotten from Stacey on the phone. We went home together and sat on the couch watching the 24/7 coverage. I remember crying and wondering if I was safe.

I hate meaness. That was one of a few rules in my classroom~
There is so much meanness in this crazy world. It scares me to think of what Parker and Emaline will see in their life time. I do feel safe. I flew yesterday and LOVED seeing guys being patted down before they got on the plane. I pray before every take off and landing. I think this world makes God sad. As a country, God has been removed from schools, courtrooms, weddings... It makes me sad.

God protect us.


margk said...

I remember wondering if Revelation was going to unfold. Patrick was 2 months old and I prayed for his future. I could not take my eyes off of the TV either. To this day, as I drive down a street that leads to our neighborhood, I often see planes headed for the airport, and I always picture that WTC image in my mind. We were forever changed from that day forward.

jenny biz said...

I have been listening and watching coverage this morning. My heart aches to hear the LIVE calls come in from that day and to watch the people jumping out of sheer panic and desperation out of the building. My heart feels so sad for the families that lost people they loved that day and, as you said, for this world that satan has so much power in.

Amy C said...

I am so glad that Satan's power is nothing in relation to God's power. I couldn't watch the footage it is just too much. It is unbelievable.

Blessed Assurances said...

Where is your TT13? I miss it! :)