Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We are a zoo!

 I think I may start charging admission! The first 2 photos are from this past weekend! Sugar, our lab, barked at something from behind the air conditioner- Sugar never barks! So, I went to investigate and found our friendly resident raccoon. We tried shooting nerf bullets at it, which didn't phase it. We threw tennis balls at it, and finally went for the real baseballs. I need to state that Stacey did want to get his BOW and kill it, but Parker, our resident animal lover thought that was HORRIBLE, so Stacey just pelted it with fast balls. He ran, but not far. We think it lives in our flower bed! During all the throwing, the kids and I took safety in the back of Stacey's truck which was already parked at a great viewing position. Bowden kept begging me to let him out of the truck because he was brave! He really wanted to go get his sword and defend our house. I love him and his courage.  Now, the next picture. The kids opened the back door on Sunday and this thing was stuck to the door frame- on the outside of course! It took us a minute to figure out what it was because his wing wasn't pulled out like that. Stacey touched it with a baseball bat and it pulled his wing out. He hung around all day! He was even there until late in the evening- like after dark! Then it decided to fly away, just glad it didn't fly into our house!!!!

The last 2 pictures are from March when we found snakes! We really found snakes 4 different times. THe KIDS found the last one. I saw them all hovering over the landscape rocks- I mean a foot from this snake!!! Luckily it wasn't aggressive- I do believe that bowden was holding a stick ready to protect Emaline and Camille. If you count our lizards- which we have a LOT, and squirrels, and birds that seem to live around our house--- truly we could charge admission!

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Yarni Gras! said...

stopped by from Jennifer's blog. you sure have a lot of critters...your yard must be inviting!