Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just a fishing....

 Man, we have been fishing fanatics! Any chance we get we have been going. Last week, on Father's day we went to my grandfather's farm in Krum, Texas and hit the jack pot! As soon as we handed Parker a pole, his first cast, he caught a fish!

 Bowden even held the fish!

 I caught one!

 We caught a few catfish, but they flipped and flopped right off the hooks so no good pictures of the catfish!

 Lauren, Isaiah, and Nana went with us!

 Zayah caught a catfish.
 I caught a catfish!
 Lauren caught a great fish!

 There was also grasshopper catching.
 And a beautiful sunset. By the way, I feel I need to say, these are ALL SOOC- which basically means.... NO PHOTOSHOP! That was seriously the beautiful sunset all by itself!
 We filled this cow bucket with water and collected our fish.

The kids were exhausted! We caught somewhere in the area of 40 fish!!! I would say we had a great time!

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Miss G said...

You are so cute, Paige! Love seeing your smile!

That tall girl with long hair just can't be Emaline! Kelly