Wednesday, June 06, 2012

High School Reunion - sort of- Memorial Day

Well, has it been....18 years.... oh, that hurt. It has. I look forward to this mini-reunion every year! Our kids look forward to it- it is just a grand ol' time. Mindy had it at her house this year and did a great job of hosting. I was standing beside Brian at one point watching the kids swim when he says one of his one liners---- Man, we can reproduce! The pool was full of our offspring! It looked like a city pool! No one had to be rescued either, shocker.

 These boys hit it off right away when we get together! Dawson and Parker- good friends.

Stacey and the boys spent the night out at my cousins land for an Outdoor Challenge. I don't have many pictures of that, if any, but me and Emaline went out to see Gay and the girl cousins and friends.

 Wait, how did Nolan miss out on the outdoor challenge!?

 My little guy actually fell asleep during skeet shooting at the outdoor challenge! Does that tell you he is a third child and just falls asleep when he needs to!????

 Still chilling!

 Sadly, that is all I took out at Gays. I know the other girls took some.

We stayed the weekend at my Dad's. When we got ready to leave, he dished out some gifts!

Bowden received a very large red B. This B is from one of my dad's stores call the HUB in Clarksville, Texas. It was a very large department store that my dad came back after college to run with my Great Aunt, Ms. Buddy. You may have seen a post about her on here a few times. HE WAS THRILLED to have another B!

 My Dad and Sid have jumped on the APPLE wagon and got iphones and ipads. They gave their old NOOKS to Parker and Emaline. Parker actually wrote a persuasive letter asking for it!

 Happy Memorial day! Just late!

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jaymie said...

Who's the grouchy kid in the super man shirt!?? His mom needs to spank him!