Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today, January 10th- not as one would have planned

Today, 2 different families spent the day much different as they would have planned.

Today, a young mother got up, got her 2 girls up, joined hundreds to say good bye to her 41 year old husband.

Today, a woman woke up, joined her children, grandchildren, and family to say goodbye to her 69 year old husband.

One woman I work with and have known for 7 years, and the other is my aunt-in-law that I have known for 11.

I can't imagine they would have planned today this way, would you? One man, tragic death. Another man, a battle of cancer.

Stacey and I have spent a LOT of time in the car lately, and a LOT of it alone, without children, something we don't get often. These losses in our life have opened up so many different avenues of discussion of our own lives, and our own deaths. It has us talking about doctors appointments we need to make. It has us talking about what we would do with our children if something happened to both of us at the same time. It has us talking about cremation or burial. It has us talking about songs we would like at our funeral and what we would like for our funerals to be like. So many things. We want to take care of a lot of this so that the ones we love don't have to. One of the things we are certain.... heaven is going to be an amazing place! Our God is mighty! We have hope! WE have GRACE! We know... we know.... WE KNOW who our savior is! And that gives us such peace about all of the above.

Have you talked to your husband or family about your wishes? What are some other things we need to consider? I know there are a bunch of things I left off that list above that we actually talked about... but help me make a list that Stacey and I need to make sure we have covered.


House of Boys said...

We have been talking about the same things at our house. Especially if something happens to Travis, what would the boys and I do, how would we financially make it without him.

Jennifer said...


Jennifer said...

Also, have any and all passwords written down in one place. I'd encouarge a binder or folder where you have everything listed- bank account info, passwords for everything from email to savings accounts to IRA/investments.

Have a will in place. Decide who gets the kids if you both pass away.

Have a true/heartfelt discussion about remarriage one day. That is the biggest gift Jason gave me was to give me that permission to find love again one day if it's God's will.

Diana Richards said...

This sounds stupid, but I knew I wanted a slideshow of fun happy pics at my memorial service. After my mom passed I thought how horrible it would be to do that just then for hers. I thought about creating a file on my computer and throw a pic or two in there every now and then so it would already be together, and they wouldn't have to worry.

Three Two Hold One Lost said...

I agree with your kids...stupendous vocabulary, you make all food perfectly! CA said yesterday, "Smell my hands! They smell like Ms. Paige's brownies!" She had used some new had sanitizer! JB and B are both VERBAL we must support each other! Keep talking to Stacey that is awesome. Prepare your the future for each other and your children as much as you can spiritually, financially, and organizationally. We have set the big picture items in place just struggle communicating the monthly stuff, Brian pays the bills. I need to get all the amounts, passwords put together, that has been on my mental list for ONE YEAR! Call me if you have questions. We have an amazing lawyer here in PA. Let your funerals be an expression of your love for Jesus. That is what I have in mind for Brian's if he meets Jesus before me. Now I don't know what he will do if I meet Jesus first, If we lose another child first, well that will simply be the LORD totally walking us through it. I miss you Paige. I am about to get "in the mood" to blog again. Just haven't had the words for the last six months.