Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moments to not forget

Tonight after church, I had these 2 in my car. Bowden decided to ride with his daddy since we had met there. I asked Parker first-- Parker, what do you love about me? I was just curious about what he would say. well his response: Your vocabulary.

That was a shocker. I will be the first to say, that is an area to really need to work on, and now I will since my almost 8 year old thinks I have a good one.

I asked the same question to Emaline. Her response-- EVERYTHING. So, I tried to trick her, and that girl is SMART! I reminded her that EVERYTHING included me cooking corn. She doesn't like corn. Her response-- I LOVE the way you cook the corn, I just don't like to eat it.

oooooh. I'll have to be on my toes with her.

Now, not to leave Bowden out, usually he keeps me in stitches, but today... he was being sassy! TOO SASSY! I pulled a pot of Taco soup from last week out of the fridge to throw away. We just haven't been home. This happened at the same time the kids were coming into the kitchen for their dinner of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese (I forgot that the dinner on my menu had to bake for an hour... and I didn't have time to bake it and eat before church, so I resorted to NUGGETS). My sweet, precious, adorable 3 year old said this:
I KNOW I am not eating Taco Soup, that is for sure.

He and I had a little talk in the next room.

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