Friday, April 03, 2009

It finally hit me

My baby is getting old. I'm not talking about B crawling and pulling up on everything, I am talking about Parker telling me his tooth hurt about 3 weeks ago. It did hurt, it was loose!! Then the next thing we knew, the tooth right next to it was also loose. I have made it through other milestones okay, but the loose tooth...hit hard. My true baby is cutting teeth, and my biggest baby is loosing them!

We have been trying to pull that silly tooth for a week! It wasn't giving up without a fight. Well, tonight I had it. No string to a door knob, no pliers, just a good ol' paper towel for friction purposes. I got that first loose tooth! It did kind of make my stomach turn over when I realized I got it. I DO NOT have a strong stomach when it comes to things like this. SO, I checked the tooth right next to it...
I must have really loosened it while pulling the first one. THat one came out real quick. Parker did whimper on that one, but other than that....he was a stud! We discussed the tooth fairy, and I tried to convince him that the tooth fairy wanted us to put his cute little pillow on the bed post, but he told me that wasn't how it was suppose to happen. THat he and the tooth fairy needed to make a trade, and the cute little tooth pillow needed to go under his pillow so the exchange could happen tooth: coins, dollars, or toys as he put it.

I love you big boy. Kinder round up, and your first time to lose a tooth all in 2 days!! My heart hurts knowing you are growing up!


*Kendra* said...

Wow! Losing teeth would hit a momma hard. That seems like such a "big kid" thing. I can't believe he's going to kindergarten!

Robyn said...

Mary Nan cannot wait to lose teeth, but I'm afraid she's slow dentally, as was her mother (yes, a dentist said that about the rate I lost teeth when I was little). But, like you, something about losing teeth makes time seem to be going by way too fast with our babies. And way to go on pulling them!