Thursday, April 02, 2009


I was a faithful watcher. FAITHFUL! I would even plan my college freshman year classes around it. I would beg my computer professor to let us out early if there was a new ER. She was a faithful watcher too, so I would persuade her and convince her by throwing out how far her drive home was, even offer her to come to my dorm room if she would like to watch it. NO ONE called my dad on THursday nights. NO ONE! We would talk on Friday morning and discuss our favorite parts. When I got married, we watched it. I would always get queazy!! I would have to look away through many parts of it. When I taught in Coppell, me and Mrs. Guidry would discuss EVERY Friday morning. I kind of miss that. We would discuss how messy Abby's hair was, or how hard her life was. Over the past 5 years I gave it up. I valued my sleep more.

Some of my favorites.... from years past.....
The helicopter....YUCK!
Dr. Carter was always my favorite!
I cried when Dr. Green died.
The hospital head guys....the real mean one who had his arm taken off with the helicopter! He was so mean. He actually said on one of those late night shows that an old woman threw a vegetable at him.
Elizabeth Corday...
The basketball games in the snow
The explosion at the cafe across the street
Carter's grandma
I liked Carter and Abby together.
I always liked the freaky halloween shows.
Rachel Green looks great!!! I am glad she is the same actress.
Do you remember how mean Peter was to carter! SO MEAN! I am glad to see full circle.
In the coming on part, I used to always squat down and do the Peter Benton....if you watch you know what I am talking about!
Luka. Cutie.
Susan's crazy sister.
George Clooney's aunt who would come.
THe guest stars... 

I haven't watched in years....but am still sad it is gone.


Phillips Family said...

We were BIG ER fans back in the day. I had to stop watching after the whole Dr. Greene got cancer and died thing because i was getting depressed over it. Who gets depressed over a fictional character???

I forgot about last night, am hoping to find it on the internet.

I totally know what you were talking about when you mentioned Dr. Benton's move in the opening credits.

The McCarter Family said...

When I saw your heading was "ER" I was relieved to find out you were talking about the show and that one of your kids wasn't in the ER for real! Yall have had a run of bad luck lately and I didn't want to hear of more! I too will miss the show even though I hadn't watched in a few years either. Thanks for reminding me of the greatest parts of the show!

Jenni said...

I loved it back in the day as well and took a break over the past several years....but came back last season (I think) and have watched all year this year. The series finale did not disappoint - it was a good solid episode with some folks back but no big to-do about it being the end....matter of fact, they left it pretty wide open to be able to do any kind of special or spin-off if they want. Who knows if they will, but the option is there.....

Jami said...

I had no clue! Why haven't we ever talked about this?!? I have watched every season except one (I think it was during my drama year- who needed more drama then!) I have really gotten back into it big time this season because I knew it was the last. I was talking to Sandy this morning about last night and we discussed how we both cried when they replayed the Dr. Greene Hawaii scenes...
I will miss it but am excited about the new series Southland seeing how it has one of the OC guys on it!