Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

I know I am late, and here comes lots of be ready! Here are some from Easter at Mammy's house. I will have another post of preschool Easter.
This was Bowden's 9 mo chair photo. That photo session didn't go very well!
This is one of my new favorite photos of P.
The cousins at Mammy and D's.
aunt linda.

This was E's approach to finding Easter eggs. She would pounce on them.
Bowden exploring Mammy and D's decorations.

More Easter eggs gettin decoratin. Not really. Emaline streaking through the yard!

Grandmommy watching on...

AND linda introducing B to chocolate.

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Robyn said...

Beautiful, fun Easter pictures! And about the stretching, no, not fun, but we need it for the next stretch of our race. Thanks for sharing that in a very encouraging way.