Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A fun one

Here are my 3. We had a blast in the hallway.
They kids would run and jump through the air. Emaline accidently jumped on Parker. He took it well though.
Parker's leap.
One of my FAVORITE new photos of B. Yes B does have on Baby Legs. They sure help his legs since he is moving and shaking. Not sure all the family agrees with this fashion statement.
One morning Emaline woke up and wanted to be a cowgirl. I told her okay. All her jeans were dirty. So she came out wearing this: Capris (with beaded red white and blue hearts on the side) her pink boots, and her black and cream shirt. She even added a belt later.
Emaline took this today as we were about to upload these photos.
This week we had a large crowd at soccer. The fans with the longest drive....Bop and Sid.

This actually didn't go in, even though he had a huge lead. The ball it the goal pole and DID NOT go in! This didn't happen just once, but many times this game. Parker didn't notice though.


Marie Burton said...

Just wanted to say I was here.. I love your pics of the littlest one.. My Oliver is 2, (I remember when he was a cutie like yours) and Morgan is 7 now.. and as fashionable as your little girl as well. I am glad she grew out of her cowboy boots..

Amy L said...

LOVE BabyLegs. So great for the winter and for little crawlers. Claire lived in them for months!

Robyn said...

Looks like y'all had some wild times in the hall. I bet Parker's having fun with soccer. And I sure will be praying for your friend's family--how sad.