Thursday, July 06, 2006

13 Things that make me go HUMMMM!
1. Why can't I get my pictures off of my camera?
2. Why did Blogger upload 2 pictures of Emaline?
3. How come when I try to do the word verification I usually have to retype it twice?
4. Myspace.
5. What do you do with a 5.75 month old who weighs 20 lbs and can't sit up on her own and has moved into a big girl carseat when you go shopping or out to eat?
6. Parker pretends to be a superhero by wearing my high heeled sandals.
7. Laundry.
8. These little bugs that have infested our home.
9. Baby shoes.
10. Bows. If I could get the pictures off of my camera, I would love to show you the bow that Emaline wore on the 4th. It was the entire size of her head. I am not a real bow person, but thought that she needed one on Tuesday. While eating dinner at a community outing, a lady tapped me on my shoulder to inform me that my daughter had pulled her bow over her eyes. I wonder how long she had been that way!
11.How did my cell phone end up in Parker's closet in his shoe?
12. How come spices are cheaper on the Mexican Food aisle than the baking aisle?
13. Why am I still awake!?


Kim Q. said...

ha ha ha ha you are crazy Paige Pearson!Those certainly are HUMMM things! Number 6 is a scream! I wish I could see him! Oh, and that bow was outrageous, I loved it! That is bizzare about the spices! It was fun hanging out with you today! Now, get off the phone and go to bed!

P.S.ssshhhhh...MUMS the word!(you know what I mean!)

Phillips' Family said...

I have heard of people putting the infant carrier in the trunk for babies too big to safely ride in it while in the car, but still need it for outings. What carseat did Emaline get? Did she get the beautiful Britax one?

Just yesterday I noticed that cinnamon sticks on the Mexican aisle were one dollar cheaper than on the spice aisle. I would have traded out, but Isaac was entertaining himself by shaking the expensive cinnamon spice can and I needed to finish shopping in peace.

jenny biz said...

I agree--You REALLY need to post a pic of #6. That would give me a good laugh. So cute!!

tamandscott said...

That's funny b/c we are having the same problem with Brayden. He's not sitting up, yet, but I have found that I can strap him into a highchair and a shopping cart and he seems alright...only for a while though. Then it gets old. Maybe take a stroller in or something??

Paige said...

No Britax, we settled on getting a new car seat for Parker and giving Emaline his old one. We liked it just fine, but that pink Britax still has my heart, but $$$kaching! I will need to try the stroller or putting the bucket in the back of the car. Such a struggle.
I will have to attach a picture of Parker in his superhero shoes. It is too funny.

Kelly said...

I'm sure he goes for the high heels so he feels bigger and stronger, like a superhero...too cute! :)