Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thirteen Things I have done since Stacey has been in Colorado.

1. I left my 12 pack of Cokes in the cart at Target. Okay this actually happened before he left, but notable.

2. Got to snuggle with my #2 guy while watching a superhero movie. He normally isn't much of a snuggler, but tonight I soaked it all in. Maybe it was the drugs. Check out number 6.
3. Tried to explain to a very special person that it isn't right for you to wash off someone else's sidewalk chalk design just because you were tired of looking at it on THEIR driveway.
4. I tried to wash off our Crayola SideWalk paint from Saturday, it ain't coming off. It is stained. We will be borrowing a power washer because I actually made a 13 for a post with the paint and now it seems to be permanantly on my drive way. Oops. Sorry honey.
5. Went swimming.
6. Applied sunscreen horribly! If you know me, this happens a lot. I ALWAYS screw this part of swimming up. I have been known to leave an entire hand print on my back...funny how that happens. Today Parker was the person in subject...sorry man. Your arms look awful with those red stripes on them. You can see my fingers on the back of his arm though. I gave him some medicine to hopefully take some of the pain away.
7. I, being the coordinated person that I am, seemed to launch myself backward from a floatie into the air with arms and legs aswingin (a swinging). Let me walk you through this one. A sweet friend had this cute hot pink intertube thing. I pranced my self right down to the 3 foot drop off so that I could leap into the air and sweep the hot pink tube under me and float around like a cool mom. Only the float had a different idea. It seems my bottom is too large to fit into the hole, so instead of letting me rest in the floatie, it lauched me upside down and backwards only to be tossed around like a ragdoll. It must have been quite a sight due to the reaction I received when I came up from air and to take my bow. If a complete stranger can laugh out loud, it must have been funny. Don't worry, I was okay.
8. I went to eat dinner down the street with friends. So fun. Always a blast at your house.
9. Let Emaline take her first ride in the wagon. She did great.
10. Got caught up on Treasure Hunters and Project Runway.
11. Made a disaster of the house. Usually I clean. Not this time. I hope to get it cleaned up in a few hours before Stace gets home.
12. Cleaned strawberry milk shake from my beige carpet. You see. Parker didn't know that only mommy can push the straw up and down to help defrost the froze milk shake. (It may not help at all to push the straw up and down, but it made me feel like I was helping). You can probably see where this is going. He punched the entire bottom out of his cup, not just a hole, but the whole thing. And not just one stain, multiple ones as he brought it to me.
13. Didn't answer the door when someone knocked last night. It could have beens someone real nice bringing me sweet tea, but I don't think so. I hung out in the back until I thought they were gone. Admit it, you all have done this.

Love you, miss you, see you Stace! Next time I get to go! Really!

Don't ask why the cow, just liked it. Have a great Thursday Thirteen!


margk said...

You are too funny! I can relate to your pool accident. Glad Stacey is coming home soon.

jenny biz said...

What an eventful few days! I am sure you are ready for your hubby back!

Beck Boys said...

We sure do appreciate our husbands a lot more when they are gone. I forget how much Andy does until he is gone. God has blessed us with wonderful men in our lives.

STP, an IronMan said...

And trust me, i am ready to get home. I am heading to the airport now and can get back soon enough. I have missed it all!

Blessed Assurances said...

Paige you inspired me to write my own Thursday 13-thought you would want to see.
Talk to you soon.

Robinson Family said...

Great post, Paige. Hope the stains came out...look at it this way, you're well on your way to becoming a "stain whiz" like Heloise, and who wouldn't want that kind of power?

Way to stay postive while your hubby's been gone--I know its rough. (And I will fess up--I've totally done the "hide in the back room and hope they don't notice my lights are on and car's in the driveway" thing. I mean, come on, if its a friend, they're gonna know your husband's gone and have the good sense to call first, right?)

Conway Life said...

I NEVER answer the door when I'm home alone and hide behind the curtain staring through the tiny whole it makes hoping the person doesn't see me.

When I wasin college my roommates and I had an admirer who would come to our house daily. We didn't have curtains so the doorbell would ring and you'd see one roommate hit the floor then all three of us would follow. There's no way he couldn't hear the thud of our bodies hitting the ground. Fun times.

amerriman said...

I never answer the door when I am home alone. I am glad you stayed busy with Stacey gone, it passes the time faster. I can give sunscreen application lessons if you want?

Kimberly said...

Hey Paige,

Got your message on my blog about Paige. Say a prayer for her - she and her husband Luke just had a baby girl - 5 weeks premature. She got to come home Friday after 2 weeks in the NICU. She has a long road ahead, as Shelby also has down syndrome. We will have to get together soon for a catch up play date. Thank you for your prayers.

Talk soon,