Thursday, July 13, 2006

13 Things I love about VBS!

1. Parker asking if we are going to bible school today...a term my grandmother uses.

2. Seeing adults act like kids.

3. Teaching the kids about Jesus and his birth.

4. To see creative juices flow from people you sometimes don't expect it.

5. Getting to work with incredible christian people, may of which read this blog!

6. Ice cream supper~and thank you JH for my homemade peach by request. INCREDIBLE!

7. Getting to know people better. This one I love due to the fact that you just can't form relationships during Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. I got to know many people this week with this avenue.

8. Getting to see the kids dress up and having their picture taken.

9. Seeing God glorified through servanthood.

10. I love working with my husband, through carpentry and craft! Thanks for all your hours and hard work!

11. Late nights. I usually hate them. I am usually one that likes to go to bed when the sun goes down, or used to. I have broken all habits and been such a late owl and kind of liked it.

12. Sonic Cokes. Thanks JB.



Beck Boys said...

I like your personalized banners. Glad to hear that VBS is going well. It is so good to see the kids enjoying themselves. Good work.

jenny biz said...

What a fun week! Can't wait for next year!! :)

Amy C said...

Thank you so much for putting VBS together. THe kids loved it. I loved their pictures all dressed up too. They put them on their daddy's desk for a present when he gets home. THey are so proud. You guys all did a great job. THanks for all the hard work!

Kim Q. said...

# 13 definitely dazzling! I loved VBS! Thank you for a spectacular week! VBS is such a dynamic opportunity to invest in children's future! I love and appreciate you!

Conway Life said...

That smile is too cute. Yea VBS!!