Friday, January 06, 2006


Okay, I made it! Thanks guys for all of your prayers, meditation, and yoga chants to my health!

Parker just amazes me. Maybe I am trying to soak in all of his wonder while it is just the 2 of us during the day for only12 more days, but the kid makes me smile. He is putting words together and making real adult sentences that I understand. Today it was, "No No Mamma!" or he says, "all done mamma." I love to translate for him to grandparents and great grandparents. ELMO and NEMO sounds just alike which can be really confusing. Are we talking about a fish, or a red puppet? I love how he can put his shoes away or his dirty clothes in the right basket or rearrange his closet during nap time. He loves to put on shoes and is obsessed with our shoes. Stacey tells me stories that after his workout at the gym he finds treasures in his shoes from Parker. Keys, pacifiers, his shoes, just about anything. He also likes to carry his shoes into sister's room and hide in the corner to put them on.

Today as we swept the kitchen he was so helpful with the dust buster. He loves to help me make the bed adding pillows, which he pronounces very well. If I ask him where sister is, he rubs my belly, even kissing it this week with some guidance from daddy. I love how a certain grandma tries to get the baby name out of him. I was actually worried he may remember, or attempt it (yes, we have a first name). No luck for her. Instead, grandma taught him to say, HI PAIGE! It was cute the first 50 times. I love his phonics. He got the Leap Frog magnetic set for Christmas and LOVES the letter K. He dances around the kitchen making the K sound and can find the K from all the other letters on the refrigerator. Now, don't change the letter to another, he won't perform. Only K gets the special attention. He even attempts the ABC's with the song from the fridge. I love how he messes my hair even in Target when I least expect it. Parker has such a kind spirit and a great sense of humor. I love that he looks forward to church. Any time I am changing his clothes and mention we are going somewhere in the car, he says, "Church?" I may need to start taking him up for field trips.


STP, an IronMan said...

Another thing that is incredible is how much he loves to pray. Every night when i put him to bed, i say "Parker, let's say our prayer." Imediately he gets serious and ays his head against mine, his hand in my hands, and gets as close to me as possible. After our prayer, he sits up and we say good night and i leave the room. I just means so much to me that he seems to understand the importance of prayer! We a gift from God above directly to us!!!

Summer said...

Sweet boy! Makes me look forward to the next few years.

jenny biz said...

What a gift every moment is! Malaya has taught me so much about being like Jesus.
Treasure every single stage!!
What miracles:)

Jami said...

He can say the "k" sound!!! I am so proud! I have lots of four year olds that have that as one of their main goals. Good job Parker!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

those are sweet Parker stories! glad you stayed healthy through the mess going around at your house.

Phillips' Family said...

Glad you avoided the sickness! When are we going to get to see pictures of that cute room?