Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sister's Room and Science Museum

Save the Phillips has been asking for pictures of the nursery, so here are 2.

Today we took Parker to the Fort Worth Science Museum today for his special day. He had a blast. He loved the different exhibits, especially the Kid Zone Water Exhibit. He played there for about 30 minutes. He also loved the choo choo train. He would only pretend to drive the car if he held onto Mommy's keys. The museum wasn't very crowded so he kind of had full reign. We had a great time enjoying him today, trying to cherish every minute before he has to SHARE his time. Sharing is not one of his gifts as of now.


Phillips' Family said...

Thank you! I love the nursery! I see you have the Ocean Wonders Swing--I wish we would have gotten that one rather than the Graco we have. All of my friends with that swing LOVED it.
Ironically, Tobe and I went to the Science Place the weekend before Isaac was born. Glad you guys had fun!

jenny biz said...

Malaya loves the museum! My favorite part is the little grocery store. I truly would be in heaven if I could work in there and organize the food back on the shelves all day! I would love it!!
The nursery is prepared and ready for the days that are soon coming:) YEA!

Paige said...

YES, LOVE the ocean swing. It entertained Parker for hours and then Benjamin. The only thing is that it eats batteries like crazy.

Parker didn't want to play grocery, but I sure did want to and helped other mommies put up their kids groceries!

Kim Q. said...

very sweet pics! I just love you guys! The nursey is so FUN! I am so excited and can't wait to see that lil princess! Did they have gooey gloopy stuff at the science place? sure sounds like fun! We loved your thank you cards...Emily asked if she should send you a your "welcome card" back. I just laughed and said no...but she wanted you to know...YOUR WELCOME! Hey what size batteries does that swing take? My friend always called it the
"neglecto swing" she is a nutt ball! I love you and am praying for you