Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Week and other thoughts!

One week from today is the day! The doctor visit today was pretty uneventful (although I got to see baby girl) and we go back on Monday to do some pre-op stuff. I am starting to feel the pressure of not having everything ready. Ready. Can you really be ready? I have had some contractions here and there, just enough for me to add things to a bag or hang things on the wall or wash the dishes in the sink, but nothing serious. Every time I call husband he asks if my water broke. I carried Parker full term and don't think baby girl will come early. One thing different from this pregnancy to Parker's is I am hungry all the time right now! Seriously, hide the twinkie box or the danishes husband brought back from West last night. I am eating everything in sight. I am still 7 lbs lighter now than I was when Parker was born.

I am trying to cherish this time with Parker-Man! He is so cute about 'sista.' He will kiss my belly or rub it and say 'soft.' I just wish I had more energy to really play with him or chase him around the park, but I am whipped. I know baby girl's arrival will be a huge adjustment for us all, especially him. We have tried to set some special things up to help with the adjustment.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Kelli, Happy Birthday to you!
I am really excited about being home for the next few weeks. Yes, I am looking forward to bonding with my children, but I am also looking forward to some new TV shows. I love American Idol, and last season I didn't miss Dancing with the Stars (Parker even danced around the living room and loved the music), but I am more excited (I think) about Love Monkey. My favorite TV series was cancelled a few years ago and Ed is making his comeback on Love Monkey. I LOVED ED! We wouldn't miss an episode. Husband loved Carol Vessie and I would laugh out loud at Shirley and the $10 dollar bets. I tried to get everyone I know to email NBC to keep it going, but NBC didn't listen to little ol' us. Carol is now on Boston Legal, and Doctor Mike is on some new show with Darma, and now Ed is on Love Monkey. I loved Stuckeyville. I keep waiting to see if they release Ed on DVD, but no such luck.
Some of you might be surprised by what I will blog about next, others of you won't. When I was younger I was really into wrestling. I mean REALLY into wrestling. I would tape Saturday night events from the Sportatorium with Mark Lawrence and watch them on Sunday because they came on after my bed time. My brother and I would reenact many of the moves and sequences to the point of blood or even my head being thrown into a real turn buckle when World Class Wrestling came to Clarksville, Texas. I sat on the square and sold tickets to the event. I had a T-Shirt with the words- Property of Kerry Von Erich on it. I know some of your jaws are on the key board. The Von Erich family was my favorite. Kerry and I shared the same birth date, and my grandmother went to David's funeral because it was at the church where she was the secretary. All of this to say I love Netflix! On our Queue next is an entire DVD on the Von Erichs. Don't call and ask if you can borrow it! I will sell tickets and provide popcorn and we all can watch the 8 matches and many moves set to music together.


jenny biz said...

Oh, Paige!! Malaya will come watch with you! After her experience with Power Team she loves wrestling too!

Kelli said...

Thanks for the Birthday Song! I also love Netflix and have on my list a few favorites from childhood... Jem and the Holograms, Robotech (who knew I could love Japanimation???) and my personal favorite movie from the 80's a horribly made Sci-Fi movie called V.

jettybetty said...

Ed is coming back--we loved Ed--I have to look for Love Monkey??

Phillips' Family said...

I can't wait for Baby Girl to be here and finally know what her name is going to be--the suspense is killing me! Take lots of naps in the next few days and go out to eat a lot.
I believe the Netflix tells a lot about an individual--for instance, I am now hoping that Kelli has a Jem watching party.

Paige said...

Kelli, I had the JEM dolls and didn't know there was a movie! Baby girl and I may have to come over for some Holograms! Wasn't V also a TV series where their eyes changed colors? I must check Netflix to see if it is what I remembered.

Don't be confused...ED actually isn't coming back, but Tom who played Ed is. We just refer to him as Ed. Jettybetty, I think there was only a few of us that watched that great show. I loved it's humor and how clean it was. I guess that is why it didn't make it.

Summer said...

Brad and I were loyal Ed watchers. He too fancied Carol Vessie. But I didn't mind cause it was such a great show.

Now about wrestling...I got nothin'.

One week...WOOHOO!

Jami said...

Jem, she's truly outrageous- Jem, she's truly outrageous! (it's so bad that I remember the song from that long ago) I had the Jem doll with half blonde/half pink hair with the light up earrings!
Wow, great memories!
Be sure to send me an invite to watch the wrestling!

jenny biz said...

Also-loved Jem!! I couldn't not wait to watch that everyday! I am definitely in for that showing!

Kelli said...

SO glad to find fellow Jem devotees. I remember standing in the door out of my house with my backpack on and the remote control trying to watch every last second I could of Jem before running as fast as I could to school so I wouldn't be late. I'll invite you all to my Jem and Holograms party. Too bad I didn't think of that for my 30th!