Monday, January 09, 2006


I couldn't resist! Parker received this jogging suit outfit for Christmas, and I was a little scared of it. It has been so stinking hot that I haven't put it on him yet...until this week. He didn't like the hood at first, that is until I showed him what he looked like in it. Then he didn't want to take it off. He WAS Nemo! I just love the picture, especially his smile.


jenny biz said...

Love it! Is that a Beauty Control Neck wrap he has on his arm?? :) It reminded me of it so I am off to go heat mine up:)

Kelli said...

Ethan laughed so hard when he saw Carker Nemo. Ethan loves Nemo! He picked out a Nemo plate and cup for Christmas and won't eat off anything else!

Phillips' Family said...

Too cute! Someone gave Isaac a Nemo outfit at a babyshower that had a diaper cover with Nemo's face on it. Unfortunately, it was going to fit during the winter so we had to return it.