Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Parker's First day of First Grade

Well, the day hit and we all survived. My baby going into first grade. He has had his clothes picked out since the day we bought them, 3 weeks ago! He wasn't nervous at all! I wasn't either. It was a calm time around here. Like we were pros. I made his favorite dinner last night, homemade lasanga, and we did some swimming. Came home, bathed and prayed and I taught him how to work the alarm clock in his room. Next thing I know.... 6:01 and that little guy is awake, tapping on me with his brother telling me he is ready! The alarm, well, it was set for 6:30!!!
Here is Ms. Edwards. Parker knew that I wanted him to get her, so when we found out it was her, HE WAS THRILLED! So cute!
Notice the pennant on the wall? ACU alumni!! WOOHOO!
One last hug before I had to go...
And our girlie, Camille. She was already doing her work! What a good student.
These were taken before school started.
Brother giving us a belly laugh!
And Babe stands like this all the time. ALL THE TIME! He is ready for... on your mark...get set...go!
This photo represents his missing teeth!

You can read about last year kinder HERE. AND compare his photos! I cried!

Parker I love you so much and am so proud of you. Last night as we were praying I asked how you were going to be a light in your classroom and you said you were going to serve! WITHOUT having to think about it. I love your heart.
Your favorite thing to do right now is watch Billy the Exterminator, but are a bit sad because I only let you watch it when I can sit right beside you so that I can explain what is going on and talk about words we DON'T SAY! You also like to play your ZOO game on your DS. Although you have other games, this is the game that you enjoy the most, and I enjoy you explaining it to me. You are an amazing Zoo keeper and designer. You always ask for sweet tea, knowing we are probably not going to say yes. You love to be helpful, and to clean up, and to decorate the house for special occasions. I loved us shopping for you back to school clothes, just the 2 of us. You love your brother and sis. I love how you remember everything, and remember to pray for things I forget. I love you dude.


Gay said...

What a big boy!! Where has the time gone!

Alyssa said...

Parker looks WAY too old!!! Hope he has a great 1st grade year!