Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenny!

If you follow the blog, you know that I have been running for Jenny! Well, her birthday was August 3rd and I let the word out that I would LOVE for everyone to run on that day! On our Facebook page, we current have almost 200 members, and we gained about 15 on Jenny's birthday. Together we ran 162 miles on AUGUST 3rd! And I know that many others ran or walked for Jenny that day, but did NOT post it for many reasons, and I appreciate each and every mile! I am thankful for those of you who told me you ran for her.
My goal: 5 miles. You know that I love you if I put the above photo out in the cyber world. A friend of mine offered to keep my kids so I could run. I started about 8:30am. It was already 90 degrees. I didn't really think about my route, should have. I planted my water bottle in my mailbox, and off I went. Like I said, didn't really plan my route, but had a big goal! I started my iPod and headed from my house to Tom Thumb, crossed over Trophy Lakes and down Village Trail. Things were going good. I went down Lakeshore, took a left on Durango, then took a right on a street I don't know the name of, but I do know someone who lives on this street, and at that moment I thought I would stop and ask for water...na. Took a left on Park View, where I know someone on that street, thought I should stop, but kept going. I am far from my mailbox at this moment and things are looking thirsty. I ran all the way to Byron Nelson High School. Now what? Took a right and headed towards Trophy Club Drive. At this moment, I am actually thinking I should knock on someone's door, a perfect stranger and ask for water. No, I can make it to the model homes, they aren't that far. Okay, they were far! I began really thinking I am in trouble. I am FAR from that mailbox and I am THIRSTY! I see a police car up ahead. My plan: to stop him and ask if he has water. Problem: he get's a call and speeds up and FLIES by me. No water there. So I keep running. I begin to think about those model homes. I get closer. Uh OH. No cars are there, they ARE NOT OPEN YET! I see water running down the street, and SERIOUSLY think about sitting in it! NOT KIDDING! So, I plan on running to the next set of model homes, they will surely be open. On the way to those model homes, I begin to pray, and I MEAN PRAY that God would send a car that would pull up and offer me WATER in the name of GOD! I was beginning to get desparate. I look at the new construction and see if I see any visible water jugs available, but it would add to my run... keep going Paige. You can do it... The model homes are visible, BUT NO CARS! They aren't open either. SO, I visit their beautiful WATER FEATURE in the front yard, put my hands on it, and begin to pat my face. Awwe. I can make it. NO I CAN'T! I have to walk. I kept telling myself that satan isn't winning. Walking isn't failure. It was 3.23 miles. I decide to walk to the church up ahead. I walk in, SCARING women and children at preschool, but they do decide to let me in and have a drink. I thank them, and head out. Walking isn't bad, satan isn't winning I kept telling myself. I put my headphones back in and look ahead of me. SPRINKLERS are on across the street. I begin to run. Okay, at this point my legs are telling me this is NOT a good idea, and they are not proud of me for running any more. They liked the walking speed. I run anyway. OH, they feel good! I ran through them like I was 5 years old. One car even slowed down and watched me be crazy. I ran to my house grabbed the water bottle and started walking. I walked past 3 houses when I spotted a woman out watering her flowerbeds. I walked up to her and asked her to spray me down! I told her I was trying to run 5 miles. SHE SPRAYED ME DOWN! It felt so good. She asked me how much longer I had.... I looked at my watch and it said 4.40. I started running and I finished strong! I was so proud of myself. I know Jenny is too! I TOLD that girl I was going to run! Next time, I will be safer, and plant more water and maybe not celebrate so loud scaring the man in the convertible as he passed me!

Oh the picture... after my run, I set up the tripod and took my picture. The picture with the paper 5 in it is now my Facebook profile, and the other photo, the one with me AFTER I ran the miles. Oh I look rough, but I did it! OH, Jenny would have been 32 so 3 +2=5!


Rachel said...

I'm so impressed and so proud for you, Paige. You are a trooper. Makes me want to get my lazy butt in gear. I know Jenny inspires you, and you are so inspiring to me!

Love you,

Jenni said...

you do not look rough - you look STRONG! I love the tank -- any chance I could get one or two?

Shelley said...

How WONDERFUL! I LOVE the tank, too :) You are on your way to a half marathon!!!!

Miss G said...

Awesome, Paige!! You are amazing. Kelly