Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Since Parker was little, he always called Waxahachie, WAKAHACHIE! So cute. Before school started we went down for a few nights and Cousin Cole and Cousin Cassidie joined us.
Everyone knows that arts and crafts are better in pajamas! And with Mammy's supervision.


This is what I woke up to on Friday morning. Parker loves playing an animal zoo game on his DS, so that is what the boys were doing.

Mammy made me a caramel pie, my favorite, and she made Stacey a peach cobbler because that is his favorite! We get spoiled every time we go down there.

We also went to Paris for a few days to stay with GayGay and for me to see cousin Clint to check out this throbbing pain I was having in my mouth. We were totally spoiled the entire week between Paris and Waxahachie! I don't have any pictures from Paris, well, GAY DOES! I heard she liked her suprise we left on HER camera!

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