Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 4th 5K

Here is the Running For Jenny crew at the July 4th Trophy Club 5k! This was taken AFTER the run! Shew.

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Lisa Renee said...

You are pobably going to think I am psycho since we have never actually met. I know your husband from ACU, my neighbor, and we have SO many friends in common. Even met your cousin this past summer in Longview on a golf tourney trip. Our lives have crossed paths a few times and I occassionally read your blog. I promise I am not a freak, well in some ways! HA! Your children are precious. I have a similar family- 6 almost 7 year old TY, 4 almost 5 year old Olivia, and a surprise in Feb, Levi! My blog is set to private but would be happy to share if you wanted an invite. ANYHOO.. I really am writing you b/c I want that caramel french toast recipe!!! Sorry, food is my joy right now. Could you e-mail me if you ever get a free moment? I know those are few and far between.