Monday, May 17, 2010

Preschool Program

Another great year came to an end at preschool. This was taken at the end of year performance. Bowden got to participate this time, he was still too young at the Christmas program.

Ms. Julie and Ms. Angela were great with Emaline. SHE LOVES THEM!

Emaline's song this year was "Praise Him". It brought back MANY memories... Praise Him, Praise Him...Praise him in the morning, praise him at the noon time.... Praise Him Praise Him...Praise him til the sun goes down.....

I loved singing that with Emaline.

Now, I missed most of Bowden's performance due to an unforeseen accident with another child I gave birth to, but from what I understand this is all he did. Sat there in stare. His song was- Happy and you know it.

He sat there like that until the very end....when, well, just look at his face.... that is when he saw the HUGE elephant being projected onto the wall as part of the slide show.

AND there it is again, over on that wall.

Look every body, an elephant is ON the wall.
Really... LOOK!

I'm not losing my mind.... THERE is an elephant on the wall! REALLY! Look!

It was a wonderful performance and I am blessed to work at the same preschool my kids attend.

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