Friday, May 14, 2010


Emaline has participated in KINDERTOTs this year at preschool and has LOVED it! Parker took the class last year and liked it too, but this year has been extra special for E. She has had 2 performances, one at half time at a Keller High School game, and at her TOT SHINE performance last week. I declined Emaline to perform at the Harlem Globetrotter pregame, but WILL let her perform next year!!! I was worried she would get a bit of stage fright like she does at some of the preschool performances, but this year she came alive! She loved her TOT performances and DID a GREAT JOB!
Ms. TOT (Ms. Renee)

LOOK AT THESE BALL HANDLING DRILLS! Makes a mommy's heart proud!

I think her favorite part was getting her VERY OWN trophy. We are already excited for next year!


Stacey Pearson said...

That's my girl! makes a daddy's heart so proud also!!!

jaymie said...

Makes this x-baller pretty happy too!! GO E!!! She looks soooooooo much like YOU in that last picture!!

The McCarter Family said...

I 2nd what Jaymie said about that last pic! You need to frame it!Too sweet!

Melanie said...

Found it!~ Loved hugging your neck yesterday. Love you.

Margaret K said...

She will be a star like her momma!