Monday, March 08, 2010

some days

Just aren't fun. Today was one of those days. Nothing really crashing down on me in particular, but a really hard day. My mom came to help me, like she has spoiled me to on Mondays, so I went to the mall to look for a few things. I left with only one thing in my hand after 4 hours! 4 HOURS! Torture! I think I went into EVERY store there that had women's clothing, and came out with one tank top! SERIOUSLY! depressing. My thoughts sink to Jenny so very often. My thoughts lend their way to David and Malaya. TO Beverly, to the rest of her family. I miss my friend.


erinlo said...

Hi Paige. You don't know me. I have been stalking your blog since Jenny got sick. My heart has ached for you. I have prayed for you. I didn't know Jenny, either. But, her story touched me. And yours does, too. Please know there are complete strange blog stalkers praying for you- who happen to watch General Hospital, also, thought not as diligently as you and Jenny.

These are the days... said...

You know I'm stalking your blog. I wanted to tell you that I know and have been reading Erin's blog for years (erinlo). She wrote an amazing post when Jenny died. I know the family is putting a book together for Malaya so she knows how many people she touched in her life. Erin's post is something that would be good for Malaya to read someday.
I think of you everyday, Paige. I can only imagine your heartache. I look forward to seeing you take pictures again. I'm sure this will put a whole new meaning to your photographs. Capturing the moments of happiness and love between families.