Monday, March 15, 2010

Pep Talks part 2

March 5th

GIRL! I did it! I ran 1 mile without STOPPING today FOR YOU! I had Emaline stand beside me cheering me on, yelling : YOU CAN DO IT MOMMY! I kind of told her to yell it at me, but hey, it got me to finish. My legs hurt. I miss you. I'm sitting here watching GH for the first time in over a month. The new intro is different, interesting, not sure how I feel about it. Going to bed early tonight friend. My weekends are different without you in them. Plus that mile, shewww, how do I think I can do a 5K which is obviously more than 1 mile? Our boys are running like 8 or 10 miles in the morning. They are nuts. Starting my garden tomorrow! Let's see how long I can keep it up!

March 7th

Friend. I. Love. You. I miss you terribly. Our hubby's ran like crazy yesteday, like 10 miles! I then fed them pancakes. I am good at feeding them, don't you worry about that. Attempted to make a garden, but who knew my backyard was full of rocks. LIKE the people before the people we bought our house from, must not hav...e had grass, they just had all these white landscape rocks like a foot deep! You should have seen Stacey's arms jumping all around trying to handle the tiller. A MAJOR WORKOUT after their big run! Now we have to plant the garden above ground. Oh the things we think will be easy. OH, David found something for me yesterday!!! I am beyond excited!! You know what I am talking about! I love you!

March 8th

I'm sad friend. Satan is powerful, but not as powerful as our God. I'm having to call him out too much. Tell him to back off. I wish you were here, but I know you are having so much fun where you are. Girl, you are amazing. I just miss you.

March 8th

SO my fingers are still burning! BURNING! You see, I decided tonight would be a night of Jenny Biz recipes. SOOOO, I made your enchiladas and homemade guacamole. I haven't worked very much with jalepenos in my life, and let me tell you, they BURN! My fingers are on fire and I cooked 7 hours ago! I have scrubbed and scr...ubbed and they still burn. How did you do it? Both items, JALEPENOS! Emaline was so cute asking if you had recipes in heaven. She helped me chop some of the ingredients. She even asked if we invited your husband and daughter, which we did not tonight. I know my rendition isn't as good as yours, so I would not want them to compare! Next time. This was my practice night! Jenny, they were marvelous! Thank you for leaving me a week long list of your favorite recipes! HOWEVER, I WILL NOT be making your fish tacos! I LOVE YOU!

March 9th

just thinking about you friend. LOVE YOU!

March 12th

Got my hotsheet! OHHHH how I long to call you right now and talk about it! GIRL! PORT CHARLES is fixing to explode! Not really, like last time, but lots of stuff going on. Do you remember how we were all worked up about Manny! WOW! Those were crazy days around there. We both were in such a funk, we would just call and about our 'friends' because it was so much easier than to talk about the hurt and pain we were truly going through, but we knew it was there, and by the end of our conversation, we would always say how we felt better that for the past 10 minutes or so we were able to jump to a make believe town and leave our mess. IT did make us feel better. Remember when I would call and threaten that I had people in high places, and would actually force you out of your house? Ok, so force was never really used, but boy did we laugh. I think I need shadybrook!

March 13th

OK, I am about to pass out, so I have to type quickly! I ran OUTSIDE this morning and ran 1.14 miles in 11 mintues 45 seconds!! GIRL! THe first song on STP's IPOD was HERE I AM! I just smiled (because I had just started) and sang that song, with the sunrise staring right at me. I told you we were going to run. Oh how I... wish I had you as my parter physically, but I know you were right there. I thought about that crazy month of bootcamp, how we held each other's sweaty ankles. Love you friend, our running journey continues!

March 14th

I'm NUTS! You see girl, ran another mile today AGAIN! Our hubbies ran 13 miles, but I just ran, and am proud of our/my mile. NUTS! My legs are jello. David said he would throw me a party when I run my first 5K. He has PLENTY of time to plan for it! PLENTY! I love how God is ministering to me during the runs, especially through Stacey's IPOD. Love you.


Molly Woodall said...

Paige...I just love you!
I love that you are still able to talk to your friend.
I love that you are running FOR Jenny and didn't give up.
I love that you talk about your friend and don't hold it in.
I just love you!

Steph said...

Well....actually I want to ditto everything Molly love it all too! Amen!

Steph said...

If you ever need a buddy to run a5K with you, I would love to do it! I love your words! :)