Friday, February 26, 2010

Kind of Part 2, in texts

I thought I would recreate the TEXT scene even on February 4th.
9:42 am Stacey: Jenny's in the hospital, ICU @ Baylor. She has pneumonia! Just go this from David in a text.
9:43am Me: OH NO! What can I do?
9:44am Stacey: Yea, David said the doc said she would be much better in a few hours once the meds kick in

11:50 Me: STP just tole me that it was worse than they thought!!! What can I do? My heart is aching for you and her. I thought the meds were working
11:50 David: not worse than they thought, worse than I thought

11:59am Jami Henderson: I heard jenny was put in the hospital!!! PLEASE keep me updated.

12:27 pm STP: Diagnosis is "SEVERE SEPSIS" Not real sure what that is though.

12:27ME: ICU!! How did you find out?
12:32 Jami: Sandy saw it on Bev's facebook

1:04 pm STP: CALL ME
(I think this is where things really started becoming known to the doctors at this point, so STP went to the hospital and is keeping me updated since I was at preschool.)

1:44pm David: Basically, Jenny has such severe pneumonia that she has sepsis. Not sure how to define it. Google it. For the first time she is resting somewhat. Her heart rate is still 140 blood pressure is very low. She is on breathing apparatus. The doctor should be in at 2:30.
WE ALL NEED TO PRAY that her body and meds will clear her of the junk. Thks.

2:46 pm ME: you know about Jenny, right?
2:48 Kim Q: stephanie know?
2:49 ME: I just called her
2:50 KimQ: Praise God.
2:48 KIMQ: ON the phone with Joel. He is telling me everything HIDEOUS!!! I am praying hard.
2:53 ME: On my way as soon as I drop Bowden off at Kimberly's house
2:55 KIMq: Thank GOD! I am going right after work!...

4:27pm ME: Things are not good here. Is E okay with you a bit longer?
4:28pm Candace: Leave her here as long as you need to
(Emaline had gone on a playdate with her friend Christopher)
4:28pm ME: thank you so much
4:29 Candace: you're welcome. I am praying for Jenny.

4:30pm Me: Kimberly, things are not good here. Are the boys okay a bit longer or does STP need to come get them, he is with me
4:31pm Kimberly Blake: Girl, we are fine. Stay as long as you need. I am praying for you.
4:32pm Me: I know Olivia has dance! If my MIL needs to come please let me know.
4:33 pm Kimberly: Mine is already on the way. Don't worry about us

4:24 Me: THis is very serious. I know you knew that but really jenny said if it would have been one More day she wouldn't have made it! She is really sick doctors in with now
4:36 Jami: OH NO! I'm praying so hard! Keep me posted!
5:43pm Me: I'll call u in a bit. They just removed a quart and half from AROUND the lung!
5:44pm Jami: Holy COW!!! OK.

5:33pm Kimberly Holmes: Blake just told me about Jenny. We are praying. What is the status? What can I do?
5:33pm ME: not good
5:39pm ME: blood pressure 79 over 40 at one point. THey just took off a quart and a half from around the lungs! One lung is full and second is 3/4's full. She is very sick.
5:45 ME: heart rate 140
5:47 HOLMES: Dear Lord. We are praying. On the phone with TIFF, she is praying. Where is she?
5:47 ME: Baylor Grapevine ICU
5:49 HOLMES: does she also have pneumonia
5:49 ME: yes
5:51 HOLMES: Caisson said it is very serious but she can survive. It really works in her favor to be young and 31 and by most standards healthy. She will have to fight! we will pray. Keep me updated. Caisson said this is the type of thing you see in sickly 80 year old people.
6:25 me: heart rate 135 blood press 82/42
6:25 HOLMES: at least going in right direction

4:25 ME: we overheard drs and it isn't good
6:25 ME: heart rate 135 blood pressure 82/42
6:40 Stephanie: is that good
6:41 me: not really that hart rate is like stacey's running rate
6:42 Stephanie: how late are visiting hours

Somewhere here we leave. I go get the boys. Stacey goes to get Malaya and Emaline. We return home to get everyone in bed and for Stacey to head back up.

8:03 ANGIE: any changes

8:29 ME: any new stuff
9:30 David: she is having a tough time
9:32 ME: awe man. We r watching dog in a big pallet next up american Idol.What was her blood oxygen? any better
9:34 David: I will things are kind of touch and go. They just called in another doctor. Jenny is fighting. I am so proud of her. There are 5 nurses with her.

10:00 BLAKE: OH Paige!Is it alright if I put her on our churches prayer chain? I'll have Shara send it in since she knows her...I am so sorry!

10:04 Jami: praying!!! PLEASE keep me posted no matter what time it is. Can't stop thinking about it!

10:11 Amy Skrovan: My goodness Paige. My heart is just breaking for her, her family, sweet Malaya and everyone who loves her. We r praying. Have they said if she can fight this?
10:12 ME: hoping the VENT will allow her body to rest and fight at the same time.
10:14 AMY: Did they ever say if it was the am--? Can't remember the name.
10:15 ME: MRSA? staph
10:16 AMY: is it that?

10:20 HOLMES: Keep us posted. We are praying for her and David and Malaya.

10:35 David: Thanks for your prayers for Jenny. This has been a hard day. As we end the night, Jenny is currently sedated. THey have inserted a breathing ventilator. They also inserted an ART line to monitor her blood pressure. They have put in a draning tue in her chest cavity.They have drained about 1500 ML of fluid. She is still critical and not out of the woods yet. But she is in good hands. The octors and nurses hae been incredible please keep praying for healing. I honest never would gave belived anyone that my jenny was this sick. I will keep u updated as we go.

10:41 Jami: I am literally sick to my stomach just htinking about all of this!
10:45ME: love you
10:46 Jami: just another reminder of how fragile life is and how I take things for granted and stress too much over unimportant things!!! Love you! Give Malaya a hug!

10:46 HOLMES: Please tell him his prayer requests have been sent to the north, south, east, and west. We will cover her in pryares tonight. Be strong Paige- She needs you right now. Let us know of anything we can do. I can watch your kids tomorrow if needed. Just bring them over. I have everything you need.
10:53pm ME: THank you my mom was already coming tomorrow so that is working out great. STP just texted he will be at hospital longer she is really struggling.
10:54 HOLMES: OH MY WORD! I can't believe this!

10:49 Stacey: I may be here a while longer. She is struggling.
10:52 ME: Ok. me and Malaya are watching TV. Others are alseep on couch with us.
(BTW, we never let our kids stay up that late, or fall sleep on the couch that late, but the kids did not have school on Friday! Don't judge)
10:52 Stacey: Awesome, just continue to bless that sweet child!
10:54 ME: We just prayed for her mommy. Generically of course.
11:14 Stacey: PUT IT ON FB NOW, she needs massive prayers!

11:24 HOLMES: just sent prayer request to church email

11:23pm ME: I did, What is up, anything new?
11:25pm Stacey: night doc not near as hopeful for her surviving

11:24pm HOLMES: grapevine church
11:25pm Candace: Prayers being lifted

11:27pm ME: STACEY! OH MY WORD! What in the world!??
11:27 pm Stacey: i know.
11:28 Stacey: my battery is almost out

11:31pm Jami: WHAT?!?!?! NO! So not sleeping tonight. Just going to pray!!
11:33pm LANE ladewig: WHAT? i thought that worry was behind them? Did she take a turn for the worse?
11:43pm ME to JAMI: I'm just shocked! THey almost lost her!
11:44pm Jami: did they have to shock her?
11:53 pm ME: no just her bp was crazy and the nurses told bev they almost lost her
11:55pm Jami: So scary. Is Stacey staying the night?
12:36 AM ME: so far yes. Lane and Joel are there as well as beverly, and maybe barbie
12:37 AM Jami: good. Seriously keep me updated if anything changes. Love you. Stay strong.

WOW. That brings so many emotions back. Of course there were NUMEROUS calls during that time checking in on her back and forth, but I wanted to document the day best I could. CRAZY! THe next text is from 6:00 am. Gotta go make lunch for my lovies.


Amber Smith said...

I just put a few of my memories of Jenny on my blog. I thought you might like to read them. I'll warn you though... I'm pretty long winded.

The Hicks said...

When Coley was in the hospital, you posted a comment on my blog that simply said, "You guys are being prayed for." That meant so much to me. So now, as you deeply miss your dear friend, please know that you are being prayed for as well.

Molly Woodall said...

Paige...that was such an amazing blog to read. (Isn't this technology amazing?) I can't believe how things went so bad so fast!
You know, writing about this is such good therapy for you.
Love you!

Jacinda said...

Thank you so much for documenting all of this.

I never met Jenny, and I have never met you, many...I feel like I knew her.

I longed to know more about the "real" Jenny, not just "sick" Jenny, so I feel blessed to have run across this blog.

I just know you were a precious friend of hers. This whole thing has had such an impact on so many of us. Bless you as you grieve for such a close friend!

The Blakes said...

WOW! I am declaring that you and I are going to dinner. This all started around your birthday and it all ended with mine. Let's me and you go eat some good food. Love you new friend Paige Pearson.