Saturday, February 27, 2010

GOD speaks

This morning, as I clean up my kitchen from the hurricane that has been left behind from the week, although sweet Aunt Dee did her best to find my kitchen cabinets, I looked up and saw a book on the shelf that I was drawn to. I have started this book about 5 times, and never get far (I don't like to read), but this morning I took it off the shelf and opened it where my bookmark was. The first title that I saw at the top of the page was:

WHY does GOD say no?

So, I will share a few lines from Get Off Your Knees and Pray from Shelia Walsh

One of the greatest mysteries- and challenges-of our relationship with God in prayer is knowing he is both loving and powerful. If God were just loving, then when our prayers were unanswered we'd make peace with it- telling ourselves if he were powerful he would have intervened. If he were powerful but not loving, we would assume him indifferent to our pain.

But that is not who God is. Not only does he love us with a passion that exceeds our understanding, but God is also powerful enough to intervene at any moment and change our circumstances. And sometimes he does that. But more often, he does not. The question is why?

How do you continue to love and worship the one who could have saved the life of your child and did not?

Christ also lived through his father saying no.

Our Savior was fully man, and he suffered as a man would (although without sinning).

But Jesus also knew that even when God was telling him no, he was still with him.

Why does God sometimes say no to our prayers? As I'm sure you realize, I don't have the answer to that question. No one does. BUT WHAT WE DO HAVE IS THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WHEN WE KEEP PRAYING---WHEN WE MOVE BEYOND "WHY?" TO "BE WITH ME, LORD"-- we begin to learn more about our faith and our strength in our Father. Confronting God with our why becomes being with God in our need. He is there when we need him. Always. He might not answer our prayers as we would like, but he will be there to HOLD US IN OUR TRIALS!

capitalization by me, not Shelia Walsh.

Thank you Lord for speaking to me this morning, as our husbands, David and Stacey, just finished running a 10k for Jenny that had been on the calendar for over a month. Before any sickness, before any death. "Be with me, Lord" as we start another day without our Jenny and see the bright sun overhead. Be with me, Lord as I strive to be the best mommy and wife today, a day that I would really like to just crawl back into the covers and sleep until I awake from this nightmare. Be with me, Lord, as I learn my new role as a loving friend to a family who is so full of sorrow and hope. Be with me, Lord, as you show me to be BOLD in my walk of faith.


Jacinda said...

another wonderful post. May God bless your day with peace.

Brooks Inc. said...

Paige- I am praying for you so often. I am so thankful you feel the Lord still speaking to you in the midst of your great heartache. He is with you. Praying you feel His Presence every step of the way....


Amy L said...

That was beautiful Paige - thank you for sharing. I think of you often and pray for strength and peace. Thank you for being a wonderful example of true friendship and faith.

jb said...

Paige, I am praying you find JOY in today!


1literatimommy said...

Excellent post!!! We want to bring you guys dinner next week. What day is good? e mail me on FB.

Jodi said...

You are a ROCK, Paige. Your strength is amazing but not surprising. Thank you for being that rock to your family, your friends, and those that don't even know you but probably love you now because of Jenny. :) My prayers will NOT cease for you.

Thank you for sharing that.... gave me and extra "umff" for today. :) God is SO good.

3BevoBabies said...

Paige- I worked with Jenny's mom one year in Mesquite and she made a lasting impression in my life. When I called my friend to ask her to pray for Jenny she told me she already was and lead me to your blog (she knows you through church). I am lifting you up in prayer as you walk this walk. And I am encouraged by your thoughts and words. As a friend I understand all that you want to provide for your dear friend's her daughter. You are a wonderful example of friendship and faith.

Marianne said...

You are an amazing woman: wife, mom, sister, friend, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, aunt, niece,...Your strength is anchored so very deep in the Love of God. The storm is tossing, but you remain resolute in your faith. I love you, sweet cousin!
I am praying for you as you go through this time.