Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bowden!

You sweet thing. Today is your birthday! I was a mean mommy and took you for your 1 year appointment this morning! Your weight is in the 50th percentile, your height was above 75% and well, your head....above 95% to hold in all your brains! Bowden, you are a joy! I love to watch you throw a ball and chase it down, just to throw it in another direction and chase it down again. You love to crawl 90 miles an hour! Nothing seems slow for you. You love to pick up a remote and point it at the tv to change the channel. You like to crawl with things in your hands, making some lovely noise across the kitchen floor. Your brother and sister can make you laugh like no one else can. You aren't real big on eating big kid food, but you love your baby food. You don't like to be confined in your high chair or shopping cart. You can crawl out of each, and if you can't you let anyone around you know that you are unhappy! You ARE the best kisser in the world. You try to say what we are saying. You love to walk under tables by holding onto chairs or knees of the people sitting at the table. You LOVE to be outside. You DO NOT like to sleep. If you sleep in the car, you don't transfer very well, or sleep long after the transfer. TO this day, your daddy hasn't slept through the night since you were born. You have the best daddy in the world to get up with you EVERY TIME you let us know you are tired of being asleep or want a bed change!
I love you B man, B, stinker, best kisser, and my favorite, HOT STUFF.

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margk said...

SO CUTE! Happy B-day Bowden!

I wish Emaline wasn't already feeling the pressure at 3 years old. She is beautiful...just like her mommy!