Monday, March 30, 2009

My poor car!

December 2007 I was hit by a drunk driver in my 11 day old car. I didn't have my car until March of 2008. Just wait until tomorrow to see the photos of my car! POOR CAR! All that garage sale stuff....DONATING IT TOMORROW! I want to park in the garage again!!!

I am sure this is the one that cracked my windshield!!!
Parker's hand. He just cried and cried.

This week, we as a family, are blessing others. I have to say, I don't feel very blessed right now. I feel blessed to have a home to shield us form these hail stones, so I guess that is a blessing. If only I had the energy to tell you everything going on in our lives right now. From surgeries, to sickness, to church, to now 2 cars beat up.... If you think about it, will you bless us with a prayer. Thank you.


Kelly said...

So sorry Paige. You must be feeling the when it rains, it pours (or hails). Prayers for peace and rejeuvination (sp?)!

Phillips Family said...

That is pretty devastating about both your cars! What a sweet boy Parker is to be concerned about the family vehicle.

Praying for the rainbow to shine through the clouds for your little family, that everyone will become (and stay) healthy, and that y'all will be able to meet your family goal this week.

daughteroftheking said...

So sorry to hear about your cars Paige. Praying for you guys

Amy L said...

Ugh - how frustrating. Sorry that things are so stressful for you guys right now - saying a prayer for you all.

DebMc said...

I'm right there with ya on the stress levels. We haven't had your sicknesses (this year) but dealing with the blue hair reprecussions, senioritis, extended family health and issues, plus, all the turmoil of church...I hear your cry. Mine echoes it. I told someone yesterday that there was no more bouncy in my little rubber ball.

God hears our cry. Some times He stops the storm, sometimes he comforts the child (woman) and lets the storm rage on.

I'm so sorry about the hail. We only had pea to ping-pong ball sized. The only car out in it was the one Nathan had the accident in a few weeks ago (more stress!!!) I hope there is a whole and dent free car in your future...and a garage to park it in.

Hang in there! This too shall pass!

Jami said...

Love you!!! Praying!!!

~SHANNON~ said...

Just recently found your blog, and was enjoying your cute pics and layout! Sorry to hear your in need of some prayers...sending some your way. Nice to meet you by the way:)

Felicia said...

I feel your pain! Both of our cars are destroyed as well! Along with cracked windshields, it looks like our car and truck have chicken pox! We've missed ya'll lately! I hope everyone is feeling better!