Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Old Navy,

Dear Old Navy,

I love your new Town Gowns! They look so comfy and casual. I was very excited to try them on and pick out a few for the spring and summer. I left empty handed. I have a suggestion for you and your design team...please make cute Town Gowns for women who have b**bs.

Thank you,
A curvy customer


jenny biz said...

You crack me up! Did you post pics?? All there is are 2 x's.

MDM said...

Amen sister!

daughteroftheking said...

Seriously!!! They need to make most of their clothes a little more curvy!!

DebMc said...

A LIFELONG complaint I've would think with all the fake ones out there, manufactorers would create different shaped outfits.