Tuesday, January 27, 2009

E's Candy Birthday

On E's birthday, we had a candy birthday party at our church's fellowship hall.
The kids made necklaces out of these beads, plus a candy ornament thing I had picked up on clearance somewhere after Christmas.

Emaline's goody bags for the kids who came to her party, full of candy of course..
I made the cupcakes. Emaline only eats the icing, don't most kids? So I we went to the grocery store and let her pick out the cake mix. Guess which one she chose??? The confetti one. I found these suckers at Party City. THEY WERE A PERFECT MATCH!

Ms. Jenny let us borrow her cupcake holder.

We had lollipop stick races. Here is sweet Camille racing.
Emaline always fell when she ran I think she just liked to fall down.
E blowing out her candles.
My sister, BIL, and Isaiah giving his best Elvis impression.
We also made a candy craft.


jb said...

Paige- This is ADORABLE!!! I've been checking frequently to see pics. Love all the ideas. Thanks for sharing! If you don't mind me being a copycat, you might see some of them reapper in TN this spring :)

Paige said...

Julie Beth, girl, copy anything and everything. I bought a digital scrapbooking set through Scrapgirls that had all the candy theme stuff you would need to make invites and MUCH MORE. I ran out of time, plus you have all the supplies to create the scrapbook when you are done. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I also found a set at Michael's that was an iron-on package of candy items.I wish I would have found it earlier and had a coupon with me so that I could have used it with a craft. They looked really cute.

Miss G said...

Paige this is soooo adorable! Great job! Kelly

Phillips Family said...

Love the candy theme! Emaline is just the prettiest thing ever!

Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

You are amazeing! Look at your talent just pouring out!

Happy Birthday E...a week late!

Isiah is getting so big. He sure fits in with your kids pretty well...they are all adorable!

Jennifer said...

looks like a fun birthday!

jaymie said...

i love how proud e looks with the big lollipop. What a CUTE party idea...of course...what else would I expect from you!

I can't believe how big isaiah is...good to "see" them!

Robyn said...

Girl, you are so creative! What a fun party! Hey, your profile picture looks so neat!

amerriman said...

The party looks so much fun. I wish we could have been there.

margk said...

Great invites, great dcorations, great everything! You may have party planning in your future!