Friday, June 28, 2013

Bowden's Birthday Day

My sweet baby turned 5 this week. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?? He wanted a rockin' mohawk- check. He wanted DONUTS- check. He wanted to watch a movie on Netflix- check. He wanted to swim with his siblings- check. He wanted Whataburger for dinner- check. He says check after things he says- check.

This guy brings JOY, the busting at the corner of the mouth JOY!  He calls himself a "JEANUS" and if you don't speak Bowden, that is 'Genius'.  He loves anything that deals with a ball- soccer, baseball, basketball, OH and Karate or ninja warrior. Every day is an adventure. Every day is FULL of LEGOS, singing worship songs acapella, "Oh YEAH" is said about 20 times, he likes to hold things behind his back, and THEN ask me if he can have, use, play, or eat what is hidden behind his back, he loves to kiss me, on the lips, which is awkward sometimes- just being honest. He has learned how to ride his bicycle without training wheels, and is excited to be with me at preschool one more year! OH how I love you Bowden Owen Pearson!

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Jennifer said...

Can't believe he is 5. Wow! Looks like he had a fun day :)