Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six Flags

We have season tickets to Six Flags this summer. It was one of our Christmas presents from my mom. The kids had never been, but we went 2 days after Christmas, and it was crazy busy- fun- but crazy busy. We didn't get to do much since it was so busy. In fact, we only rode 3 things that day. Fast forward to Monday- when we did it big time! We got there and headed the opposite direction we did in December. He rode the Sombrero first, then the conquistador (which I realize isn't called that any more, but it is what it is!). Bowden was quite scared on that one. We then headed to Log Ride, again, with the name chain. In this line we experienced a commercial on the tvs you can watch in park when you are waiting in line. It was about a sasquatch, and beef jerky. The kids behind me- probably 5 years old- yells out- "He just got kicked in the *ss!" I was floored when all his grandmother did or say was "Hey now."  That was it! And the "hey now" wasn't even in a firm voice.  WHAT IN THE WORLD! Please people. Be a good example! AND train your kids with the Lord. Don't let you kids talk like that. Back to the rides!  Then to the mini mine train. We rode that one back in Decemeber. The kids loved it. Bowden and I rode in the very first car! THEN we headed to the Judge Roy Scream! I was convinced that they kids would ride with no complaining. I knew they would love it.  Not so much! Bowden was tall enough and since he is my thrilled seeker kid I knew he would be on board. As we walked up, the kids started freaking out! Not Parker, but the other 2. From crying to begging not to ride it! Well, this mom of the year made her kids ride! They have to over come those fears some time, and Monday was the day! The below pictures were actually staged, well, the big kids were.

As we climbed the first hill, I raised my hands like any 37 year old mom would do! Well, that was until Bowden reached up and grabbed my arm and held it for life! I kept feeling my arm getting tighter and tighter... well, that was because my sweet Bowden was sliding under our seat belt and bar!!! I quickly grabbed him and braced him with my arm and all was safe. The look on his face was terrified! Emaline kept yelling the whole first hill, " MOM, did you trick me and are we on the Texas Giant??" No sweet girl, it is the Judge Roy. So what does any mom of the year do, yep, I made them ride it again!There wasn't any line, so we quickly made the look around and got back in line. I did bribe Bowden with candy, but after I braced him better we did great! Emaline said it is now her favorite ride there. Bowden says it isn't!

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