Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some fashion questions...

A few things I think about when walking through stores:

1. Why is every shirt see through? WHY!? I mean, I like to try to look fashionable, but I do not like laundry. Why would I want to wear 3 shirts instead of just having a thick fabric. This completely puzzles me.

2. WHICH brings me to #2. WHY can't I find a white t-shirt that doesn't look like sheer white panty hose? AGAIN, Why should I layer? If I want to layer, I would buy any other the other shirts in the store, but I want one you can't see my 'girls' and my rolls, and anything else I really don't want you to see.

I JUST WANT A SHIRT YOU CAN'T SEE THROUGH! Is that too much to ask????

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