Saturday, February 02, 2013

A letter to Me

This past year has been one that the Lord has done great things in my life. He has taught me, pulled me, whispered to me, encouraged me, loved me, forgave me- it's been a good year.

Today, has been an emotional one, and it isn't my birthday yet. Not yet.

I have cried a bit here and there. I've reflected on my life this past year.


I THINK it is good and bad to reflect- or at least this is what I am telling myself.

As I reflect, some times I have a pitty party for myself. I start remembering all that nasty stuff that has happened. How lonely I have felt. How unappreciated I have felt. Replaying hurtful words I have heard spoken to me. Pointing out failures along the way.


Then I remind myself, these are the lies that Satan wants me to hear. I speak truth to replay louder than the words of hurt. I remind myself that the LORD loves me. How the Lord anticipated my birth and had my life planned out. The good and the bad. The 3 beautiful kids, the LOVING husband that loves me unconditionally. My sweet friends. I think that the Lord has so much planned for me in the next year, if I found out now, my head might explode.

I want to focus more on the present/future than the past. That past has made me who I am, but I will not let it define me any more. I want people NOT to say- well, she needs to move on, but instead say- that GIRL, she trusts the LORD with all her heart and that there isn't enough time to tell all that the Lord has done through her!

I want to spend more time with HIM this year. More time in prayer. More time in the word.

I want to spend more time with JUST Stacey this year.

I want to spend quality time with my kids this year.

I want to eat a little healthier.

I want to rocket into running again.

I want to be more creative- like I used to be!

I want to be a better friend.

I want to celebrate more!

I want to LOVE more.

I am going to have a great YEAR!

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Miss G said...

Yea you! I always think of you and creativity, hand in hand. Remember that fun scrapbooking day you, Anne and I had way back when? Kelly