Friday, February 03, 2012


That is how old I am today! Yep, it's my birthday. Today, my husband and friends made it very special! And so did the kids. At lunch time Stacey took me to Luke's to pick up my new pair of shoes. It's the 3rd year of this tradition. I know many of you know this story.... and the one that follows for the next 19 days. I ask that you pray for Jenny's family - David, Malaya, Rick, Beverly, her 2 brothers and their families. I ask that you pray for her friends. I miss her terribly... so I will run.... we will run. I've set some goals for me this year, the year of 36.... Wanna join me?

Tonight, my almost 8 year old, offered and tried his best, well, he actually thinks he did pay for our dinner at Snuffers. His heart is so good. Bowden kept telling everyone his birthday is in June and when he turns 4 he gets to play soccer but can play tball now and his daddy is the coach. Then we went to the movies to see One Miracle about the Whales. It was good, some language... WHY must they do that to a great movie!?

So, thanks for all the Facebook wishes. It was a great day!

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Shelley said...

Happy Birthday! RUN, RUN, RUN! Are you running at Cowtown? Our family chose to do the 5k for the girls and the 10K for us this year instead of the half. Hubs is doing the half in Austin the weekend before then it is Boston bound in April. We will be thinking of Jenny and her close friends like YOU!