Sunday, March 13, 2011


We have been counting down the days until soccer season started. We love SOCCER SEASON!

I love her face in the above picture. It was right after she scored a goal. This girl is a scoring fool! She loves to score. She usually sets a goal of how many she wants to score and she has been 1 short of that goal. HER GOAL: 6! So, the past 2 games, she has scored 5 goals! Oh, I should tell you, there are no goalies, although... this past game the other team had one girl hang back to play defense.
She also likes to cheer on her brother!

Parker plays on a larger field and a goalie. They also have positions. He loves to play defender, but gets the opportunity to play all positions, he also played goalie this past game. He has scored a goal but has had some MAJOR defensive plays. I love to watch him play soccer.

Bowden is SOOO ready to play and have his turn on the field. I mean he IS ready!!!!

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