Friday, December 03, 2010


We pronounce M(short vowel e) Maw, not Mamma, like mommy. My grandmother lives in Denton. We like to go visit her when we can. I needed to run an errand in Carrolton/Coppell, so we canned Mamma and asked if we could take her to lunch. She agreed, and off we went.
We went to the place we always go... Cracker Barrel. She always buys the kids candy on the way out.

On the way there, B fell asleep eating a donut, AFTER he had already wet through his pants. WE ended up running to their new Wal-mart to get him a whole new outfit. Side note on that experience. When Emaline tells you to guide her because she is going to hold your hand and close her eyes, LISTEN. I ran her straight INTO MY CAR! Luckily she didn't break her nose, but the sound was horrific! Sorry girl!

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