Friday, December 17, 2010

White Rock

Well, on Saturday (a few weeks ago now) we went to the EXPO for the White Rock. We had dropped off the kids at the Crimmings house for the weekend, and off we went to get David.

It was neat seeing all the names of all the runners on the boards. Oh, and in case you didn't know, my REAL first name is Kathryn.

The reality of it, seeing my name on the BIB, a bit much for this emotional girl. Stacey organized a dinner for some of the Running for Jenny team, but we also took a photo of the group at the EXPO.

Ryan had my camera and was goofing off, and this is what he captured, me trying to handle my anxiety.Angie ran again, and beat her time from her previous run. This time she ran for Jackson AND Jenny.

Here we are at dinner.
Race day!
I woke up early, and NERVOUS. A friend of mine had put a sign out side by our cars encouraging me! It was so kind. 22,000 people ran the White Rock. Before the race was crazy! Stephanie and I didn't even know what corral we were in because our letter was O. We thought we would just jump into a corral, and after a LONG line at the restroom, that is just what we did. IT was quite emotional. We took some photos pre-race on her phone. I need to get those! Stacey and David were in one of the first corrals, so I knew they started the race LONG before Stephanie and I got started. It sure was cold out there.

We had friends who came to cheer us on! Ryan was at mile 3. He waited to cheer me on before we went to cheer on the rest of his family. He was my co-cheerleader in San Antonio, and I was way behind the rest of his family at the WHITE ROCK, but he waited for me. I was so happy to see him.

Kelli and Lane were going to be at mile 5 and somewhere towards the end. These next few photos are what she took at mile 5.

There are my guys!

There goes Angie!
Here comes Stephanie.
Stephanie HIGH FIVING Lane.
Here I am! Mile 5. I am smiling! I sure was glad to see a familiar face or 2! I was pointing to see if they saw Stephanie. She wasn't that far in front of me at this point. :)

About mile 8 is when I started REALLY fading. I mean struggling. I wanted to stop. I started having pains in my legs and hips. Mentally I was exhausted. All this build up and the day was here and I was tired before I started. I started praying, asking for the Lord to carry me, to encourage me, to help me through. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked over and it was a fellow Running For Jenny runner, Sharon Budd Gorman. I had just met her the night before at a dinner. Her words: YOU CAN DO THIS! I still get chills as I think about it. I just started crying. I kind of tell her what had just happened, kind of, because I was mumbling and crying trying to get it out. For the next few miles she would run beside me, or behind me and if I started to slow down, she would catch up and without a word I knew she was helping me along. Mile 10 was a let down. YIKES! I still had 3.1 more miles to do. That didn't sound too comforting. Sharon running beside me, we kept going. At mile 12, I look over and see Stacey on the side line (if that is what you call it in running). I LOSE IT! I start pointing but no words come out, just blubbering. He is dressed in pants and jacket and his gloves. THIS MEANS he had finished his half, gone to the car and gotten his clothes and met me on the course. PEOPLE! He finished an HOUR before me! Almost exactly! He started running along side me. Sharon faded to the side. Stacey Pearson finished AGAIN right along side me. I love him! I could NOT have done it without him or SHARON OR THE LORD! Not in that order:)!

Here we come finishing mile 13. See my pain!
As we pass by, I am starting to have that lump in my throat! That hyperventilating lump. You know the one, right?

After Kelli took those photos, I GUESS she got up and ran, but I wasn't moving too fast at this point to capture the rest of the moment.I see the finish line! YEAH FINISH LINE! I actually think the one above and the one below are out of order. The one above is when they called my name out as I approached the end.
This is when I realized I AM FINISHING A HALF MARATHON FOR JENNY! I did it! I sure wish my friend was beside me. I love how Stacey is looking at me. He has been so encouraging through this entire journey
Here we are after. Stephanie and I both have ICE on our knees and we are COLD! NOtice my jacket? My husband actually had on 2 jackets when he met me so he could give me one! HOW SWEET!!

Kelli! These girls and I have met on Monday nights for YEARS! I love them and this journey we have been on even though we have battled through SOME REALLY tough STUFF! Stephanie and I have been meeting for 7 years!

I love him!
And the finishers. I know we are missing MANY! Thank you for all who ran for JENNY! Who is ready for March 27th???? WHO IS IN!??

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Miss G said...

Paige, this is incredible!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!! You do have an amazing husband. So thoughtful.

I was just reading this post about running and thought of you. Not at all exactly the same but thought it might strike a chord with you.

I tried to e-mail it to you but apparently don't have a valid e-mail anymore. Which also means the invite I sent you for a swap on Saturday must not have gone through. Shoot me an e-mail (mine's on my blog if you don't have it) sometime. Kelly