Monday, November 16, 2009

UPDATE! See post below!

WHY! So, we don't have stitches, but now we have scratches ALLLLLL over his left cheek! We are suppose to go cheer on a sweet friend play basketball tonight but worried about all the looks we will get! In this photo: KNOT on head, BLACK EYE, SCRATCHES ON FACE! Just click on the will see!


Molly Woodall said...

That is THE sweetest little banged up face!
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

powellmomma3 said...

Kids, Whit now has her fourth set of stiches all in her face....will this child ever learn to put her hands down when she falls?

your babies are super cute kids!

amerriman said...

Ouch B, it looks like it hurts!