Monday, November 09, 2009

Sitting here

Making out my grocery list/menu for the week. This week's menu will have some new additions due to a new cookbook I received at preschool last week. It is the Ko Jo Kai cookbook from HARDING, a gift from a fellow Kojie/mom of giraffe/coworker. This cookbook is red and white, not the pink and green I would have preferred! HA! AND it has ladybugs on it, are they the club mascot? I am off to see what treasures it holds! Have a great Monday!

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Kristen OQ said...

Glad you are enjoying it! I have made a few of the recipes out of it and have many more bookmarked to try soon. Let me know what you decide on and if you like it enough to pass along.

I think it is so funny that they are both named Kojies (at Harding and at ACU) and have different traditions! Too funny. I think the ladybug thing is a new addition in the past 10 years since I graduated though (and we had a new grad design the cover!). ;)

Happy Cooking!