Wednesday, October 29, 2008

some random

stuff. Below is P sporting his IPOD! Yep, they made that at church last Wednesday night. We are currently have a ladies bible study, so the shepards and some other men are teaching the kids classes. The back of the IPOD has a scripture on it. He kept talking about LISTENING TO GOD'S WORD! Way to go teachers! We had western day at school last week.

I lost the hat after this photo. I forgot that the kids get their big heads from me! BUT, look at B! He looks so big!

ANd the Cowgirl E!

More posts to follow...I hope!


Miss G said...

good to "hear" from you! Kelly

Beth said...

B is a real cutie! Your hair looks good.
Miss y'all

Jodi said...

All four of you look fabulous in those pics! :)

Robyn said...

I bet y'all had so much fun on your trip to homecoming. Always so good to see friends!