Friday, October 31, 2008

ACU homecoming

We went to Abilene last weekend for our 10 year reunion. We went with the Quile's and had a grand time. We arrived Thursday just in time for Chapel. I text my cousin Morgan...and got to sit with her. Chapel has come a long way since I was there. I know it was singing chapel, but it just looked different having boys and girls up on stage. The singing was amazing. One major difference since we were there...cell phones! Everyone was texting during chapel!!! not cousin Morgan! I bet she never does that! Emaline got her face painted at the carnival.
Our friends Ms. Emily and Ms. Kim (Parker's new favorite person).

Proof Bowden was there.

Parker's face painting. By the way...HE DID NOT WANT TO WASH IT OFF, so he wore it all weekend, or atleast pieces of it. SO if you saw us....that is why half his face was green. We knew his face looked dirty...but what can you do.

COUSIN MORGAN volunteered at the carnival at the bounce house! What a good freshman!

Emaline with Foster Capshaw. Her daddy and his daddy went to high school's and dads went to ACU.

Ko Jo Kai breakfast, at 7 am!

Brittany goes to church with me now. I always forget she was...oops, is a Kojie.

Sweet Hayley! I HAD NO idea she isa kojie! This Kojie is from Paris. Now I feel old!

Jenise and I made a Sonic run after breakfast before the parade. I look like I need a nap...oh wait...I DID!

Emaline greeting everyone at the parade.

Bowden proof.

cousin Jaymie was there. NICE surprise.

Parker with his FINGER!
I guess that is all the photos I have of Homecoming, other than random ones Emaline took with Stacey's camera. We did camera switching all weekend. I didn't want to hall my camera everywhere, so we took Stacey's lots of places until his battery wore out. stink. That was right before we saw some good friends who have moved to Sweetwater.
Now, off to bed. Happy Halloween everyone!

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Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Isn't Abeline fun! I could really like that town...guess I just am crazy that way! Looks like you had a good meet and greet