Friday, February 24, 2006


I ruined the Olympics for my husband last night. We had waited all day to watch the figure skating, and by the way, has become an expert on the sport recalling moves and personal stories of skaters. Anyway, last night I was checking blogs when I came across Save the Phillips blog where she stated she checked ESPN for the results of the ice skating. So, I checked the results just as my husband glanced at the computer! YIKES! The headline read= SILVER BELLE with a picture of Sasha. He was devastated and I really hurt for him. He made me switch all night between Mavericks, American Idol and the Olympics for me to give him the results just as Sasha began to skate. Sorry honey.

Have you seen Parker walk like a Penguin? Well, he can. And did you know that hoodie sweatshirts with pockets on the front can be multifunctional? Parker had a pacifier in one side and a pickle on the other...way to go Pman for thinking ahead.

And Emaline. You may say gas, I say smile!


jenny biz said...

I love those pictures of Emaline! So sweet and I will choose to believe they are truly happy smiles:) Parker is so multi-functional with his animal mimicking ability!

Amy C said...

I love all the pictures. You are so fast.

Phillips' Family said...

I think Emaline is smiling at her mommy, not having intestinal issues!

Perhaps you should market this skill of Parker's and hire him out for birthday parties and whatnots.

Tell your husband I am sorry that I caused such turmoil Thursday night.