Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I can't believe I did it!

Okay, for the first time ever I watched the beloved Bachelor! I love that I am getting in on it at the end. I have no prior history with the final girls. From what I saw last night, I like the Tennessee girl. The CA girl was way too much, then the one he likes seems to have another agenda. Tennessee girl was a teacher and just seemed more real, who cares about the mountain issue. It won't last that long anyway.

Have you ever watched TV around 2 am? During this nursing thing, I like to turn on the TV to keep me awake. I have seen so much. Did you know that you can add jewels to your own clothing with some gadget that I wish I could remember the name of? You don't even have to take them off to do it. Did you know there is a web site for men who want to meet and hang out with other men? At the early hour in the morning, it took some processing time to realize that it was more than just friendship these men were looking for. I have watched Sixteen Candles, Say Anything (that I missed the ending), Full House, and lots of CNN and MSN. In the hospital I liked to watch the baby channel during those middle of the night feedings. It kept my interest and was educational at the same time.

30 and some change. Emaline is 3 weeks today. Parker will be 2 next week. Husband will be 30 next month. So much going on. Have a great Tuesday.
(If I mispelled on this post, forgive me, the spell check isn't showing!


jenny biz said...

Tennessee girl actually grew on me last night. I "hear" that is who he picks. Glad you finally got to watch! MTV wake-up videos come on in the early morning hours too. Those are always "interesting"/disgusting!!

Phillips' Family said...

Ah, early morning tv. I kindof miss it! Did you hear that middle daughter from Full House just came out and said she "had" a crystal meth problem but is now in recovery. Interesting.
Hide that credit card at night--I was often tempted to make a home shopping purchase in the wee hours of the morning (LOVE when the hair lady is on!).

Kelli said...

The Bedazzler. That thing is cool.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Nick at Night was my favorite nighttime nursing channel. Who's the Boss, Cosby Show, Charles in Charge... now that's some good TV!

Happy (belated) Birthday!


Amy C said...

I am ashamed to say I saw the same disgusting commercial last night for the first time with the guys on it that you saw. Arghhh!!! I think maybe we shouldn't be watching that station anymore?!? Yuck. . .