Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It's real guys.

I really want to go on Facebook and vent about this, but I don't like it when others do it, so I will refrain.

Emaline dealt with it twice last year- once a 5th grader, and the other a grown woman, a mommy!

Today, along with the horrid state test, Parker dealt with being bullied. The school says they are handling this very serious, as they SHOULD!  It just breaks my heart to see him hurt like this.


Tonight I will pray for the bully. I will pray for my Parker. And I will pray for my own self control.


Jodi said...

Oh, I am so so sorry! We've dealt with bullying this year too... principal involved, the whole nine yards. It is HARD. The Momma-Bear in me wants to come out RAGING!! I will be praying for YOU, my friend. :)

Amy L said...

Oh, that breaks my heart. So sorry you're having to deal with this!

Kristen OQ said...

Oh that makes me so sad. Good that Parker is talking about it with you though...I always worry about that with Sam. That something will be happening and he won't tell me.

Prayers for all of you! So hard to grow up.

Shelley said...

So hard. We had some issues too. Pray and follow your gut.

Jennifer said...

oh this makes me sad......and nervous that H might not tell me either if this happens to him. Praying for yall!