Thursday, April 04, 2013

Books *updated

This will not be a long list of deep intellectual books that I have read. Here is a picture of 2 library books that Emaline brought home from school. When she got in the car, the conversation went like this:

E:  Mom, I got 2 new library books today!
Me: Oh good Emaline!
E: Yep, and just who is Paris Hilton and Richie?
Me: What???? How do you know who Paris Hilton is?
E: Well, that is what book I got! I got Paris Hilton and Selena Gomez.
Me: -silence-
E: I mean, why are they famous anyway?
Me: Well, Selena Gomez is on Disney channel and dated a famous singer (the car of 5 children all yell Just Bieber!), and was in Ramona and Beezus. Paris Hilton, well she is just famous for having money and making really bad decisions.
E: What bad decisions?

Really, why are these the books she picked out? AND why pick a biography of someone you have NO idea who they are? We will sit down together and read both these picks. I think she picked Paris Hilton because she is holding a dog, but WHY does she even have a biography in an elementary library?

Well, after thinking about it, I told her she could keep Selena Gomez, but Paris had to go back! She didn't resist. After school the next day I asked her if her teacher allowed her to go to the library and pick up a new one, her response:

MOM, I told Mrs. E that you didn't like the book I picked out and that you wanted me to get a new one. AND once she saw what book I had she said that IF SHE would have seen what book I had gotten she wouldn't have let me get it either! SO, I got Mia Hamm.

I LOVE that her teacher felt the same as me. Shew.


Miss G said...

Ughh. Sorry

Jennifer said...

oh goodness!

Super GG said...

Yay for her teacher! I still can't imagine how a book about Paris Hilton could be sen as an appropriate book for any school library! And Yay for you for taking a stand on what E fills her mind with. Good Job!